7-Year Old Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Avoid Being Bullied


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, this story is really one of those not-so-fun stories where mothers intervene on children’s lives in a bad way! Seven year-old Samantha Shaw, underwent plastic surgery to have her ears pinned back. Although she has not been bullied before, her mother claims the procedure was preventative so that she would not have to go through any bullying in the future. Samantha, who got the procedure done for free courtesy of Little Baby Face Foundation, which has helped children who have serious abnormalities including, cleft lips, being born without an ear, and some very serious issues. I personally don’t see clipping ears back as a serious issue, but then again, I don’t have a child.  To me this sounds like she’s telling her child that she is not good enough, and at only 7 years old! Maybe I’m not being empathetic, but I still feel she’s way too young to go through something like this, but I want to know what you guys think?


9 Responses to “7-Year Old Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Avoid Being Bullied”

  1. 1 Neesa

    I my oldest sister got her ears pinned back when she was pretty young too (don’t remember how old she was…but guess she was around 7 or 8 ears old too) so why did she get that? well she inherited my dads ears. My dad actually got bullied when he was young due to his off-standing ears. And since my sister had the same ears he really wanted to get her ears pinned back because he didn’t want her to get bullied too. A surgery is never a good thing and it’s never 100% complications-free. But my parents never gave my sister the feeling she’s ugly with those ears. they just didn’t want her going through the same things like my dad so they made it to protect her. Maybe they could have wait until she’s old enough to decide by herself? Well you never know if and when bullying starts and once it happens you can’t make it undone and I think getting bullied is a thing you never forget and that shapes you forever (in a bad way..most people have issues with their confidence forever!) . So this surgery was kinda a prevention to protect the girl. Long post but I just wanted that people don’t judge to hard about parents letting their kids have a surgery (even though it’s not really necessarily) Most parents don’t make it because they think their kid is ugly they just want to protect them because the LOVE them!

  2. 2 Nazish

    I think it is a good idea cuz once she goes to secondary school she will definately get picked on by others – lads especially. My ears are nowhere near as bad as this childs but i do want to get mine pinned back! i think it will help her with being confident when she gets older. xx

  3. 3 Amanda

    I had my ears pinned back when I was 11 years old (almost 20 years ago and had already been bullied. I begged my Mum & Dad to allow me to have the operation as unfortunately kids can be cruel. The operation did have side effects and I was left with a scar tissue lump on each ear which are being treated however I am so glad I had the operation and would have loved to have had it done before the bullying as then the damage is done. My niece has inherited the same ears and my family are already talking about when not if she’ll have the operation and it will definitely be before the age of 11. xx

  4. 4 Sedmokraska

    Good morning Huda!
    A friend of mine had her ears pinned back when she was about 9. Noone bullied her for her ears but simply her parents wanted her to be confident and not to feel shy once she is older. And i can tell you she is very happy they have done that for her. At the young age the tissue heals faster and children are dealing with the healing pain better than adults. On the other hand i have another friend who never went to fix her ears but is shy about them. I dont see anything wrong with what they have done. Its not like they send her for lipo or they gave her botox. For me this is as normal as when my parents decided i will be wearing braces. I hated them, they were hurting me, i got bullied for them but now i’m very happy they decided for me.

  5. 5 Fatma

    It’s pretty common for people to do that in this part of the world (Middle East) and the media don’t have say because it’s such a personal matter. I agree with what Neesa said earlier, plastic surgery is often perceived as ‘corrective’ surgery no body is born perfect – I mean this is that this blog is all about! to work with what you’ve got and make the most of it!! but if you can’t, if it requires physical changes then drastic measures have to be taken 🙂 I agree with the parents in this case, however, it’s the media – not the parents decision to have their child undergo surgery – that could create resentment within the child. It’s ridiculous how personal matters are making headlines nowadays…

  6. School-age children in particular are often victims of taunting and bullying by other kids because of the size and shape of their ears.

    Studies have shown that people with aesthetically atypical ears have significantly lower self-esteem; and children often cope by either developing introverted personalities or engaging in problematic behavior. Fortunately, studies have also shown that otoplasty can change all of that. And i think this is best age for children to undergo otoplasty, it would make the surgery easy.

  7. 7 Fatma

    Also – 1 more thing, the poor child underwent surgery to avoid being bullied and the media do the exact opposite!! they post her photos with that headline, she’s definitely going to catch some attention now, and not necessarily in a good way!

  8. 8 Holly

    I understand where the parents are coming from. Having two daughters myself, I would do anything to try to protect their feelings. On the other hand, my youngest daughter has her daddy’s ears. They stick out some, but I would never think to have a surgery done to correct it. I feel Haleigh is PERFECT the way she is. Nobody is without flaw, and we should take those flaws and make them a part of who we are.

  9. My friend had surgery when she was seven or eight on her ears too because she was called an elf so much, but it was her decision.

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