Summer Beauty from NARS


By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you’re looking for the absolute trendiest makeup, then NARS may have a collection that will tickle your beauty bone. Debuting some seriously tropical colors and bright hues, NARS’ latest collection takes some of the hottest trends off the runway and put them into one collection! I cannot wait to try the Matte Lip Pencil! The secret behind the gorgeous models glow are both the Super Orgasm Illuminator and the Laguna Bronzer! GORG!!

image credits makeup4all


13 Responses to “Summer Beauty from NARS”

  1. Everything is so colorful and pretty!! 😀

  2. But it’s very hard to get a hold of NARS in Dubai 😦

  3. 3 namariq

    yeah i agree with hotnessMonster its extremely hard.. Sephora used to sell NARS but now they stopped i don’t know where to get it.. Huda please help if u know where can we get it in Dubai ?

    • 4 adreyna

      why they stop selling nars in uae im so obsessed to buy there product ive been to moe and dubai mall
      everywhere in dubai but theres no nars my goodness why the good make up there not selling im so sick about other make up here

  4. 5 Renren

    sephora still has nars last time i was there, which wasn’t that long ago. in march this year in fact

  5. Hi darlings! I believe RenRen is right! I was in Sephora at Mall of the Emirates a few weeks back and I’m pretty sure they still have NARS, I know Faces no longer carries it:(

    • 7 khadija

      nars is not available anywhere… i checked sephora and bloomingdales also…i guess its not available any where 😦

  6. 8 DxbianGypsy

    The lip pencil and lipstick ❤

  7. 9 Yaman Al Qassemi

    hey guys,
    sephora has nars but they’re definitely not bringing in the newer products!! i asked a couple of times and they’re just trying to sell the stock they already have, which is very little 😦 buying nars products online is our only option i guess

  8. 10 Mai

    Bloomies used to have it but not anymore.. Faces at Uptown Mirdif does.. But the products look expired :S

  9. 11 Dewy

    NARS is amazing Illmasqua is also a good brand that has awesome colors too

  10. I called the NARS HQ because one of the salesladies at a department store told me theyre not even replying to calls from our region and sure enough they gave me the run around and didn’t answer why they don’t sell NARS to the middle east anymore

  11. Lip pencils r really nice!

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