Freezing Wrinkles to Replace Botox?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

One of the biggest parts of aging is the super scary wrinkle that comes in shapes including the infamous laugh line and crows feet (to name a few).  And while wrinkling is a part of aging, no one wants premature wrinkles! Yes, there’s the famous Botox, where our wrinkles are injected with slight amounts of poison (yikes) to keep them from moving for a few months, but of course you could be stuck with a face that is obviously motionless.

One of the newest procedures, now under review by the FDA is freezing wrinkles (temporarlily named cryoneuromodulation). Performed by MyoScience Incorporated this procedure is a 15-minute procedure and lasts up to 4 months–sounds like Botox! However, with this method, tiny needles are injected into designated areas to freeze nerves, which are then immobilized for a few months, resulting in a natural wrinkle-free face. Of course there are still concerns about the procedure, specifically with pigmentation for darker women as well as permanent damage that could be caused, although no damage has been recorded. Personally, as scary as this procedure sounds (freezing nerves!), it does sound safer than Botox so I would be curious to see the long term effects of using this procedure. Would you try it?

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8 Responses to “Freezing Wrinkles to Replace Botox?”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    I’m not really a big fan of procedures such as Botox, I’m only 20 and Botox would definitely not be a choice to reduce wrinkles. As for the freezing wrinkles it does sound safer than Botox, I’d actually like to see results before trying it out… Procedures like Botox and freezing wrinkles would be options that i’d turn to in the future maybe in my 30’s or later on… But for now I do see some wrinkles in my face in the common areas such as when you smile and around the eye area, Do you know of any way natural and organic to reduce wrinkles on the face? thankss

    • Hi baby!! 🙂 I absolutely love the Olay Regenerist Eye Cream and Serums. I use to invest so much money on eye creams and now I strictly use Olay and I LOVE them!! I have found they really help keep wrinkles away and the Regenerist 30 second Collagen filler really fills your wrinkles temporarily! Hope this helps baby!!! 🙂 Xxxx

      • 3 Mary Monroe


  2. Botox injections have been proven to work with crow’s feet. However, in order to obtain the best effects, regular treatment and visits should be constantly made.

  3. 5 Nida

    regular poking of needles :S :S sounds horrifying to me ! i think its best to deal with every aging sign with a natural remedy…even eye creams r good…. i dont have wrinkles (yet) but im 27… so can u suggest any cream i can use to tc of my skin from now itself to prevent the wrinkles appearing soon?

  4. 6 lona

    Hi doll!

    I’ve been having Botox for the past couple of years. I’m 29 and I generally don’t have wrinkles…yet 🙂 however I’ve decided to have it to treat my mimic line between my eyebrows. I have to say, at some stage I’ve had that dreaded motionless face, however it all depends on the doctor and his skills. I have changed 3 doctors already and it seems like I’ve found THE ONE 😉 I absolutely love the result and it looks amazingly natural. I say never say never! if you are unhappy with some wrinkles and its the only way, then go for it but really research the doctor!


  5. I would rather choose freezing wrinkles than botox.

  6. 8 pauly

    If you live in the San Francisco area, you can get involved in Myoscience (located in Redwood City). I’d worry about dimples and pigmentation, though. They are paying men and women for participating in the study. You can get their number from 411.

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