Awesome Ombre!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am pretty much in love with this look for nails! I think it’s awesome, especially with colorful hues like blue, pinks and purples–making it PERFECT for Spring and Summer Makeup trends! It’s super simple! Just take five colors that are extremely close in color and build the color from darkest to lightest. I personally think starting with the darkest color on your thumb looks better. Putting a light color on your thumb will accentuate the fact that it is larger than the rest of your nails. Try this trend and send me pics if you love it!! XXx


10 Responses to “Awesome Ombre!”

  1. 1 Nashelle

    OHEMGEE loveee this idea!

  2. 2 maryam

    loveed it :*
    i will definitely try it

  3. 3 Lamya

    I love it can we do it @ nail moda

  4. 4 Tata

    Gonna try it soon and send my girl some lovely pics :*

  5. 5 Apple

    absolutely love it

  6. 6 smith


  7. 7 khadija

    help i will become bankrupt soon…im following u religiously n buying everything u r suggesting… love ur work huda keep it up… except how come my mac hug me does not look like urs… urs is more peachy

  8. 8 reem

    i love i love i love !!!

  9. 9 mika

    what brand is the polish in the picture you posted with the blues

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