Plus Size Models Encourage Obesity?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I definitely do my best to expose photoshop obsessed ad campaigns and editorials, mostly because I don’t like how artificial some of these women can appear and more importantly, the affect it has on women all over the world. I have had some women very close to me suffer from eating disorders and I know it’s a combination of reasons, but I do believe that this unrealistic images can attribute to some of these issues.  So when I read this quote online, I thought not only is it controversial, but soooo wrong!

A study done at the University of Bologna in Italy released the following statement:

“To promote chubby fashion models when obesity is one of the major problems of industrialised countries seems to be a paradox.”

I do believe a model recently died from anorexia, so it might not be as prevalent as obesity, but encouraging super tiny, unrealistically thin models might not be the best idea to combat this issue?

image credits robertvoltaire


13 Responses to “Plus Size Models Encourage Obesity?”

  1. i think models don’t eat at all, they are so skinny making them a walking dolls and not a human!

    • 2 Alia

      I’m sure they eat.. but they pick their food well.. and dont forget that they are super active.. they dont sit and rest @ all.. they practice, work-out & god knows what else they do LOL..
      some of them dont eat unfortunatelly.. your’e right..

  2. 3 Namariq

    this is such a sensitive subject to me .. i was always over weight and i got bullied allot for it which made me hate myself for it .. allot of people don’t know that being over weight or obese has so many reasons and mainly psychological reasons … over the years i learned to love myself the way i am. and that also changed the way people looked at me its all about confidence. i don’t think having over weight models is wrong but promoting it this way like on the image is totally wrong .. its just not normal.

    • 4 Renren

      it is horrible, the obsession we have with our body shape. I was slightly chubby in highschool (not even, just slightly) and i was told constantly by my family members that i’m so young and already that big (and like i said, i was barely chubby). I developed at a very young age and yes i went through a phase where i enjoyed junk food a lil too much, but to have my own family tell me that i have to be thinner and to imagine how much bigger i’d get when i get pregnant…..i’m 26 now and while studying abroad helped me break off 95% from the effect of their pressure, there’s still this 5% of self loathe to my body.

  3. 5 Farah

    Huda dear could you help me in finding the same shade of lipstick this model has on. I had been looking for it from ages now and I loveeee it 😦 Don’t know what exactly this color would be called and what brand!!!!!

    • 6 Renren

      moroccan rose tom ford maybe?

  4. 7 Muna

    I believe being so skinny is not so feminine, because women as their natural should have some meat here and there and obviously that what separate us from having this manly bodies with no any shapes and features.I used to be underweight and it doesn’t suit everyone or even healthy.
    Thanx huda for bringing this up 😀

  5. 8 Thureya

    Plus size models aren’t even fat, and nowhere near obese. To associate having curves with obesity is very disturbing, seeing as it is only natural for a woman’s body to have curves. Fashion nowadays looks for models who have alien or unnatural features which I dont find are classed as ‘beautiful’.
    I agree with Herve Leger – we need more feminine models back on the runway!

  6. 9 Mary Monroe

    You’re right I agree with you Huda, it’s such a struggle even for me to have a balanced weight, but it all starts with your inner beauty, changing your eating ways and making your diet a lifestyle, exercising and knowing what great foods to eat for not only to maintain your weight, but for beautiful skin, hair and nails!

  7. 10 simi

    Most of the plus size models are actually just curvy right sized women ! to label and differentiate them as Plus size in itself is a way to encourage people to strive to become skinny! Most of the clothes look good on people who are right sized and the need for only skinny models to parade them is just not fair !

    I really wish that people would encourage right sizing or the coming generation would have a tougher time than we all ever faced!

  8. 11 nihad

    so if ur a skinny model, u promote anorexia.. if ur a chubby one, u promote obesity!! leave the models alone! lol!

  9. 12 Sana

    How do they promote obesity??? Do they tell people to eat more junk food?? One of the plus sized models on ANTM had such a good body with flat abs n all. So how do people interpret obese from tht?? Ridiculous how they r promoting unhealthy anorexic models n calling them perfect and beautiful while making beautiful curvy women hav a low self-esteem.

  10. 13 Aisha

    Nope. Thats like saying skinny model encourage anorexia !!
    Honestly Plus size in the modeling world is average in real world ; )

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