Celebs When They Were Kids


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Although it might seem like celebrities were born perfect, they most certainly went through all of the same issues we did growing up! Some had awful uni-brows, crooked teeth, and not so gorgeous skin! Although I will admit, most of these things were really obvious when they were teens, their childhood pictures are quite adorable! Can you guess them all? Jennifer Lopez really threw me for a loop!

Left to Right from Top:
Beyonce, Britney Spears
Madonna, Paris Hilton
Jennifer Lopez, Lady GaGa
Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson
Rihanna, Sarah Jessica PArker


5 Responses to “Celebs When They Were Kids”

  1. 1 Tata

    Cute…I like Rihanna,she still has the same baby face…but Kim has changed alot…and Gaga looked better when she was small 😀 I love you Huda…Thanx 😉

  2. 2 Alia

    LOL @ Jennifer Lopez.. and Beyonce was pretty since she was a little girl..

  3. 3 Yuna

    Huda please please Tell me about your haircolor please a Little answer. Kiss

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    Beyonce, Britney, Madonna, Paris hilton, idk, idk, Kim K, Jessica and Ashley Simpson, rihanna, and Julia Roberts lmao I was naming them and i saw you already labeled the names on the left side.lol The last one looks like Julia roberts, and I didn’t get Gaga or jen.. but wow what a difference. They all look the same except Jen, Gaga, and Sara Jessica Parker

  5. 5 Banquisha Dean

    beyonce and rihanna have always been pretty. jo lo… kinda freaked me out… kim kardashian has changed paris hilton has changed jessica simpson has changed. sjp has changed a bit. madonna has changed a lot

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