Megan Fox–OverPhotoshopped?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I get it! Ok, we all need photoshop for ad campaigns (although I would like to see less of it), but seriously, Megan Fox doesn’t even look human anymore in this ad for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. To be honest, I think she looks a bit scary. It’s not borderline too much, it is too much. Why would you even photoshop a 24 year-old’s skin so much. This just feeds into that message that even when you’re young, you are not young enough.

I would like to add, there are some extremely influential people in the world and in the fashion industry who promote less/no photoshop. I was so happy when I read an interview with Franca Sozzani not too long ago where she said hates photoshop! So is it really as necessary as to completely remove any life-like expressions from the face of a model? I beg to differ! What do you guys think? Is Megs overshopped here and is it necessary?

image credits cocoperez


13 Responses to “Megan Fox–OverPhotoshopped?”

  1. 1 Dana wolley

    the area around her eyes loooks fake in a way its like it’s pushed upwards! its like she had an eye lift..! i dont like it at all , its so unnecessary shes beautiful already theres no need for all that! i totally agree with u H!

  2. 2 sofia

    yes oh hell yes!!..I think that the reason why she’s getting hella things done is because in the pictures they make her features look hella small!!..her lips are huge and her eyes but they seem to make them look much smaller than what they really are? yeah def tooo much!!!

  3. 3 eman

    Is this even megan fox she doesn’t need photoshop she pretty the way she is but this picture has a lot of photoshop I’m disappointed that she accepeted that..

  4. 4 Buthaina

    Maybe the photographer has no trust on his work .. To be a successful they should learn to do it without any additions to impress the people by how natural beauty is !! Right now she looks like a dead person. And kind of frozen cold .. Having a bit of edit is okay .. The less you edit the more confidence you have !

  5. 5 Thaj

    I agree with sofia. I think this is the reason why she’s getting too much work done, because they make HER feel (as well as consumers) that they’re not good enough. I saw recent pics of her and I’m very disappointed, she went from drop-dead beauty to just a pretty girl. Why fix an already perfect face? Don’t fix what isn’t broken, she should of stopped at the nose job and lip augmentation she got at the very beginning of her career, she looked flawless in Transformers.

  6. 6 monica

    She looks scary indeed, like an alien ….

    • That’s what I was thinking!!

  7. This doesn’t even look like her! She’s already a gorgeous girl and they made her look unrecognizable.

  8. 9 N

    She doesn’t look like Megan!

  9. 10 VIDA

    She doesn’t look scary but if you didn’t mention it, I would never guess that was Megan Fox!! Way too much of photoshop… She looks better without the added photoshop, I think.

  10. 11 Ava

    Megan has had A LOT of surgery recently, if u look at her pictures :S so i think it’s partially her…

    • Good point!!

  11. 13 maha

    what is scary is that how photoshop can change how a person totally looks. I wouldnt have guessed its megan fox.

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