Tattooed Violent Lips


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Not sure if they are really my style, but they are definitely cool! In case you haven’t tried them yet, they are becoming extremely popular, the temporary lip tattoo from Violent Lips. With literally tons of designs from pink leopard to red glitter, some of the designs are quite tempting! What do you guys think? Check them out on their site!

image credits violentlips


7 Responses to “Tattooed Violent Lips”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    This looks interesting and fun, but I probably won’t try this… It’s kind of time consuming, on top of that won’t the tattoo peel off idk I’d rather stick to lip products.

  2. 2 sophie

    i like it but maybe for a night out in NYC only , where people are used being a bit edgy hahahha 🙂

  3. 3 Renren

    i like the red one with black net….looks hot ;p

  4. 4 MoniePonie


  5. 5 AlReem

    wow this looks so cool!! not sure if it would still look that good when ur walking around with it on ur lips!

  6. 6 Thaj

    I admit… didnt like the idea at first. After checking out pics and videos Im SO TEMPTED. SO going to try this.

  7. 7 Portia

    ahhh!! I just ordered the pink cheetah ones!!! IN LOVE!!! i’ll be wearing it with a bright pink playsuit for my friends birthday 🙂 you always know where to find the BEST products Huda 😀 xxx

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