Heidi Montag, Finally Fed Up with Plastic Surgery..For Now


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not sure if this is a publicity stunt or not, especially considering the person saying this, but Heidi Montag claims that she is done with plastic surgery, for now. I’m not really sure what she has left to do, but the blonde Barbie claims that after her last 10 procedures, her body is extremely fragile, to the point of discomfort.

“Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did presurgery. This is not what I signed up for.”

I don’t mean to be completely insensitive, BUT when you insert enough plastic, silicon, and collagen into your body at once, it’s not going to feel natural, in fact your body will more than likely have some issues with all of the new ingredients you’ve added to your system. Add that to a little bone-shaving and some fat extraction and you bet your body will feel fragile and uncomfortable!

I’ve said this before, I am not against plastic surgery–that’s a personal opinion. However, if I were personally to go under the knife, it would be very subtle and the changes would be over time. Ten procedures in one day is just mad!!

image credits
and source zimbio


4 Responses to “Heidi Montag, Finally Fed Up with Plastic Surgery..For Now”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    She’s wack.. this is a publicity stunt, no one cares to give her attention for her makeover, she’s too much.

    • OMG!! hahaha

      • 3 Mary Monroe

        lol it’s the truth.

  2. 4 AlReem

    Its probably just another publicity stunt to get back into the media and make some money
    her and Spencer are becoming more pathetic by the second lol

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