Color Me Pretty! Eyes that Pop!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

When most of us think of doing colorful eyes, we opt for a shadow and maybe apply it oh-so-sparingly all over the lid and possibly bottom lid area to keep things fresh and simple. A trend that I am looving and I cannot wait to try (pics will follow) is the super bright lid! I love using an extremely strong liner by itself or smudged all over the upper lid to create a super dramatic look!

To get this look, try the Makeup Forever’s new Colorful Aqua Liners, which is the latest budge-proof, melt-proof, all day liner from Makeup Forever that I am totally crushing right now! It’s been a favorite already at NYFW and is a must for women who love color or are ready for some serious experimenting I love the colors!

image credits refinery29


4 Responses to “Color Me Pretty! Eyes that Pop!”

  1. 1 Dana Wolley

    i love these colors on the models but i dont see my self putting any of these colors on my eyes i dont know why!!

  2. 2 Radwa

    I love ’em but they’re so tricky to apply!! Would u pretty plz be kind enough to show us how in a vid? xoxo

  3. 3 Samira

    WOW! I love these; Im surprised about this trend to happen now, coz I’ve always used bright pinks, deep mauve, aqua blue on my eyelids since I can’t do much of the smoky eyes (my eyes are small & deep-set) but these out-there colors really make a difference!
    Also Estee Lauder has this amazin aqua-blue mascara (& other bright colors) that looks great in summer =)

  4. 4 Rere

    Tutorial please!!!

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