Khloe K Kicks Cellulite’s Butt!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am really excited Khloe Kardashian has teamed up with Nivea to take the Goodbye Cellulite, Hello Bikini Challenge! Personally, I have tried their Cellulite Cream and firming creams and I  love them, so I am really confident that if Khloe stays with the program, she will be able to kick cellulite to the curve!  One of the best ways I kicked cellulite was actually on the Body For Life diet! It got me into insane shape and I literally got rid of EVERY dimple! Of course it’s not easy, which is why it’s going to be cool to see Khloe through her entire program and her results! I think we’ll all be able to relate! What do you guys think? Can she do it?

image credits zimbio

10 Responses to “Khloe K Kicks Cellulite’s Butt!”

  1. 1 Kamilla

    Hi Huda! Could you please tell more about the diet you mention? Where to get it? Thanks a lot!

    • 2 Nooni

      Plzzzz ! Whats that special diet of yours ?? Desperate to firm mi bodi :p

  2. 3 Kayla

    I think so ! She’s a strong woman

  3. 4 thejazzreport

    She will def be able to make it through!

  4. 5 AlReem

    I heard the best and most effective way to get rid of cellulite is by undergoing LPG sessions
    I have friends who got rid of all their cellulite bcuz of it!

  5. 6 farah

    Hi Huda! Could you please tell more about the diet you mention?

  6. 7 monia

    I don’t even think she has cellulite…Anyway, I guess excercise, water and healthy food is the only way…Ciao! Monia, Rome

  7. 8 Renren

    I LOVE love LOVE her hair color! where can i go to get my hair dyed like that, it’s beautiful mashaaaaAllah!
    (p.s, i’ve also learned to embrace my cellulite-ridden hips so i’m not too focused on that part of the article otherwise i’ll learn to hate them again :P|)

  8. 9 R

    im dying to know your diet! cause im too young to have cellulite!:(

  9. 10 heidi

    hi Huda, could you please give us some more details of the diet that you mentioned above. thanks

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