Trend to Try | GaGa-esque Manicure


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Unfortunately, I am a makeup artist who loooooves to use my fingers while blending, so while I love long nails (especially since I totally have little girl hands), it’s almost impossible for me to keep them long and comfortable for my clients. I’m so bummed I can’t do this nail trend, but my sister Mona is the mother of this trend! She is always wearing it and I just LOOOVE the way it looks! No wonder is such a huge fav on the runway and with celebs like Rihanna, GaGa, and Beyonce!

If you are having trouble growing out your nails, try eating some Omega 3 tablets which will significantly help grow strong gorgeous nails!


7 Responses to “Trend to Try | GaGa-esque Manicure”

  1. 1 Renren

    *shudder* they look like claws 😐

    • 2 Nunu

      lol i second that

  2. 3 Mais

    i personally prefer shorter nails..they look neater and much more clean 🙂

  3. 4 monia

    I wear short nails, but I do like long ones, just not in this shape. I prefer square ones.

    monia, rome

  4. 5 Mariam S

    So not for me. It’s just one of those things again…….if you’re an entertainer, sure. If not…you just look like an animal!

  5. 6 MoniePonie

    I LOVEE them!!! Hoodie post my take on them! 🙂 They’re so funky, they don’t have to be as long as the one’s above but the pointy tip really grows on you! 🙂 try it out!

  6. 7 Mary Monroe

    I don’t like this look, it’s weird and too much.

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