The Young and the Botoxed


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s no secret, women (and sometimes kids) are getting their little dose of Botox here and there, and while it might seem to show some benefits in the short term, could Botox actually lead to an older-looking face over time? A lot of the women who get Botox, do actually do it preventatively to make sure they don’t age in the future, but studies have come out proving that Botox could actually add a few more years to your face. According to an interview with some UK plastic surgeons and the Telegraph, women who do not wait for wrinkles to actually appear, can look aged over time.

“The face is an ever-evolving structure that changes over a lifetime. Botox aims to halt the decline, but long-term overuse of the drug can lead to atrophy of the muscles, which can be particularly noticeable around the eyes, where the face can appear inadvertently aged – despite the lack of wrinkles”

Eeeek!! That does NOT sound hot!! Now I’m no plastic surgeon, but I do know women who have gotten Botox and sometimes it looks good, but most of the time they do look older. I feel the biggest flaw when I look at a women who is too young for Botox is the affect it has around the eye area. If you notice, as we age, our brows start to slowly sag, getting Botox there will help lift them (through it’s paralyzing affect on muscles) and bring youth back into the age as well as reduce the wrinkles. When women get them too young, for instance to reduce crow’s feet around the eyes, their brows typically raise when the muscles lose their functionality. What happens is you get reduced wrinkles with raised brows that look quite strange. My advice, if you want to get it, wait till you MUST get it!

Here are some pics of celebs who got Botox a little too early!


8 Responses to “The Young and the Botoxed”

  1. 1 Sophia

    Okay, change of plans. I don’t want it anymore. LooL!!

    • You’re too cute!

  2. 3 Sue

    Huda It’s like u went into my head and wrote this! But what shall a girl like me do?(I’m 23) yet believe ME my brows are saggy and gravity is working it’s magic on me! I need a lift up there was just about to go get Botox done! Now you’ve left me confused! Pls help!

    P.s If ur blog was human I’d be married to
    It ❤ haha
    Love uuu xxxmwah

  3. 4 Sedmokraska

    Hello gorgeous!
    I love your blog but here i must have a say….
    I’m 30 years old and i have had botox couple of times. My eyebrows are the same as before.

  4. 5 Bunny

    I like botox as long as it looks natural , sometimes i love it to the extreme

  5. 6 Mary Monroe

    I always knew Kim looked very different since the 2007 hit series Kardashian show and the times she’d hang out with Paris hilton. Before she was indeed thicker and her body wasn’t toned. Her jaw line appeared longer, and her smile (teeth) was different …. I always felt like her appearance has changed, because she was losing weight and getting into shape. The picture that you have of Kim are not the best, in one pic she’s not smiling so hard and in the next she is, of course her cheeks look lifted in the second pic because of the way she’s smiling. We all have seen Kim get injected with Botox but she herself says she doesn’t need it right now. I have recently seen close up pictures of her and if she were to do Botox I believe she would use it around her eyes, with all the makeup she has on you can see her wrinkles and the makeup creases.

    I personally am not in favor of Botox at a young age I’m only 20 and I believe no woman shouldn’t be pressured to to get Botox at a young age, but sadly woman are.

  6. 7 AD_secret

    I feel Bottex never work around the eyes? what is the perfect solution for crow’s feet around the eyes?

  7. 8 nono

    pretty ironic., that something used to make you look younger actually makes you look older.

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