It’s Contest Time!! Win a Facial with the “Goddess of Skin”!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am soooooooo excited about this contest!!! First of all, I love Facials, second, if you are going to get a facial, why not let it be from one of the most highly skilled women in the world for skincare? So, yeah I am loving this contest!

Olay called me not too long ago to let me know that their Ambassador, Anastasia Achilleos, would be coming to Dubai this week. I remember hearing so many things about her and her clientele of celebrities who swear by her treatment, so of course I was really excited when they asked me if I wanted to meet her, but then they told me they would have an extra slot open if I wanted to do a competition for you guys. I was sooooo happy, so I told them DEFINITELY! I am beyond excited considering the expertise of this woman and the A-list celebrities she works with!! I think this is going to be such an awesome treat for you guys, so I wish you the best of luck!!

I PROMISE my next contest will be for everyone all over the globe, for this one is only for Dubai residents (or anyone who can be in Dubai on Thursday for the Facial through their own transportation)!

To enter this contest, you must tell us your favorite Olay product and why you love it so much! The contest begins now and it ends Tuesday! Good luck guys! Remember, you must be a subscribed follower to be eligible for this contest!! Make sure you answer in the comment section below! The Facial will be for Thursday (June 16th in the morning/early afternoon).

Anastasia’s Condensed Bio:

A facialist for over 15 years, Anastasia has been voted best British facialist in Tatler magazines ‘Best of British’, and is renowned for her facial massages.  Trained by Eve Lom, fresh from her recent trip to LA working alongside Ole Henriksen, Anastasia is a true genius in her field.

Anastasia works with a host of leading celebrities and models and visits her clients’ to provide personalised treatments.  She has also worked extensively for top advertising campaigns including Fendi, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Sportmax and others. Her editorial credits include W Magazine, US & UK Glamour, V Magazine, Marie Claire, The Face and POP.

Anastasia now has her own practice, the Anastasia Achilleos Method Spa, which is based at the very exclusive and high profile private members’ London club, Home House. Anastasia is now a celebrity in her own right, in the UK and beyond, owing to her unique holistic facials that have earned her the respect of the A-list who regularly take advantage of her skin and soul healing hands.

image credits beautywithfashion

33 Responses to “It’s Contest Time!! Win a Facial with the “Goddess of Skin”!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    Sounds like an amazing contest to win! I’m so happy for you Huda, I love to here good news like this, I’m excited for you and wish you the best. Unfortunately I do live in the states and it sucks that I can’t enter this contest, but I’m glad that you are aware of having fans all over, and thinking of making a global contest for us. That would be amazing thank you so much<33!!!

  2. 2 attia

    every thing is for people of Dubai 😦 😦 😦 why why why whyyyyyyy

    • 3 attia

      But im happy the next contest gonna be for all the people over the globe yaaaayyyyyyyyyy. Im so happy and excited for you sweety. love u always.

  3. 4 Zahra

    Hoodie ! keep up the good work sweety ! :*
    my all time favorite product by Olay is the eye micro derma-pod ! they are simply AMAZING for brightening the around eyes area ! my 2nd favourity is the eye seroum as i love to use it before applying my makeup to prep the eye area ( and to condition my lips as well lol :D) i love Olay because its a very good quality that u can find it every where around the world and for reasonable price !
    fingers crossed !

  4. 5 Sophie

    Anastasia Achilleos..She is Greek, her names shouts it….hahahah ask her can she give a discount to her fellow Greek….:P. I don’t wanna sound typical but we rock…hahahaha

    Ok i got many gifts from u already but i have to say that … the regenerist line that i first got from your event is truly amazing, my face is so balanced and smooth and it is glowing. Plus the pads for the eyes make me look younger, i know i am young but if u can say 1- more years , there is no harm ❤ you so muchhh, thank you :),
    ps: i gave my number to an Indian lady that works in spinneys so she would call me when stock arrives ….ooops i just gave away my secret 😛

  5. 6 simi

    oww i am in the states and not dubai yet again !!!

  6. 7 karen

    im missing all the good stuff 😦 but im glad you said your next contest would be for everybody! still representing you in Italy!!!!! LUV YOU!

  7. 8 SAMIRA

    My fave Olay product is definately Regenerist Lotion with SPF 15 & the same line’s eye cream. I used to use Total Effects but bein over 30 now I wanted somethin more powerful with extra benefits. I wish they had the entire range of Olay products available in the UAE (like the new Pro X line) But lately I’ve also been tellin random strangers at Boots to buy Olay’s Regenerist =)

  8. The product I love best from Olay is a classic that has been there for ages, it’s a beauty secret that my mom has passed on to me: The Olay beauty fluid. After so many years, and thousands of revolutionary skincare products, Olay beauty fluid is still a part of many women’s beauty routines, including moi! Sure, I have other lotions and potions that I expreiment with every now and then but it’s the one product that has been consistently in my beauty bag since my teens! I love how supple and fresh my skin is after I apply it and I love how it leaves my face silky and hydrated without making it oily or shiny because it is swiftly absorbed. I love its scent which always makes me feel 16 again everyday! :O) Call me old-fashioned but this product from Olay is really timeless!:O)

  9. 10 Naythar

    My favourite Olay product is the Regenerist Microsculpting Serum. I won this product since it is not out in Dubai yet and me and my mom use it religiously every single day. We both love it as our skins are glowing. Since I am still young and don’t need much help in the skin department, I love the difference it has made to my mom’s skin. It has made her skin look smooth and beautiful and she looks great.

  10. 11 Yusra S

    hey sweetyy…i love your contests..their so worth it..
    anywayss, i believe that eyes say everything about a person. soo my favourite product would be the derma-pods. They are AMAZINGG.they lightened/brightened up my eye area like unbelievably.i feel like im back in my teens although im only 22 i recommend them to any one i see with dark circles.So the derma pods are a keeper for my eyes. lol..Someone once asked “do u work for Olay??” because of the way i kept going on and on about their products.omg i obssess over their products like theres no consider Olay to be sort of like google. Any skin(face) issues u have, just search it up in the Olay department and u’ll find a, my little theory.

  11. 12 Nunu

    My favorite Olay product is the Olay regenerist eye serum-concentrate of youth.
    Its great for moisturizing the skin around the eyes and brightens the area. I also love the Olay Complete Daily UV fluid. Its a light day moisturizer with SPF and is great for hydrating and protecting your skin against the sun.
    Olay’s products are very effective and the best part is they help you take care of your skin without breaking the bank!

  12. 13 Muni

    wow i soo need a facial had major breakout from a recent threading nightmare 😦
    i use to use the Olay complete facial cream its light and didn’t leave my face oily since its intended for sensitive skin but unfortunately had to stop using it cause they stopped caring the line with spf in the grocery store. Another great product is the eye derma pods i love how in three weeks the dark circles under my eyes are fading and the small laugh lines are filled. I realize Olay is a mature line but it still works wonders.
    I’m in Dubai this weekend so it’ll be great to meet with the Anastasia 🙂

  13. 14 mariz

    Hi Huda! I’ve been using Olay Total effects for half a decade now and it works so well with me. It really has a total effect on my face. Never tried any other moisturizer after i used Olay. Now i’m using Eye Micro Derma-Pod and it’s a cutie, it’s amazing for my eyes. I hope they will have also for the body. I think it would be perfect!.

    “Love the skin you’re in” and my skin loves Olay =)

  14. 15 Desiree

    This would be my first facial ever if I win but the problem is I don’t use Olay products 😦 boo hoo…..

  15. 16 Sophia M B

    OMG im soo excited to here about this contest because for once I am actually in DUBAI!!!!!
    I have always trusted Olay with my skin, it is always part of my skincare regime, whether it be there cleansers, moisturisers, body washes. Just before coming to dubai I invested in the Total effects Touch of Sun. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby and like my first my skin has gone HAYWIRE! I cant go in the sun and get my lovely tan because hormones may cause my skin to burn or tan in some places darker than others!! nightmare.. so this moisturiser really helps soothe my dry skin, give it the much needed hydration and a summery glow without any harm! I LOVE IT!!! i would recommend it to everyone..


  16. 17 Sana

    Hi Huda!! how u doin? I have very sensitive skin and have tried multiple products; but usually they cause breakouts or make my skin extremely oily. But i started using Olay Regenerist Moisturizer (the red one) which really suited my skin. It made my skin look healthy and fresh. I could feel a difference very soon. I have been using it ever since on a regular basis. I even gave it to my mom and sis to use as well 😉

  17. 18 Irfaana

    My fave is and has always been my best kept secret beauty weapon — Th simple yet highly effective Pink Beauty Fluid, I have been using it since I was just 11 years old, and was introduced to it by my mom who learnt it rom hers, beauty through generation…simply, classic and effective….gotta love it!

  18. Hello Huda,

    first of all, thanx a lot for giving us such a wonderful opportunity of meeting a world renowed facialist in Dubai.

    Secondly, my all time favorite product from OLAY is their eye micro derma-pods. At the age of 26, nothing has helped get rid of those ugly dark eyes as much as these pads did. i have been spending hundreds of Dirhams behind various types of eye creams and gels.
    your blog has been like a life saver to me. After learning about derma-pods, trust me i have stopped using everything else 🙂

    Thanx darling

  19. 20 BODOUR

    my favorite product from OLAY is their Eye micro derma-pods. SIMPLY ITS AMAZING. GREAT RESULTS IN A SHORT TIME, THNX

  20. my fav product of olay is the olay whitning cream i really like it because it mouisturize ur skin +u skin loook fair and glowing ,thnks

  21. 22 Shabs

    HUDA i just looooooooooooooooove every bit of your blog….. U R THE BEST!!!!

    I’ve always had good luck with Olay products and love trying anything that they come out with because I’ve been a long-term user of the brand, so I got the chance to try Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream I was stoked. Get me on that Olay train! I have to say the biggest thing about this cream is that it smells and feels great. The scent is light but not overwhelming or chemical. It’s light and fruity and a pleasure to put on at night. The texture of the product once applied to my skin is also great. I don’t like the sticky feeling some lotions have – I especially can’t stand having a sticky neck, yuck! But this cream leaves my skin feeling dry and moisturized.


  22. 23 Tata

    Hey huda…My fav. Olay product is their age defying toner…Its a fantastic product which works really well on my skin when its stressed and tired…it gives it shine and freshness…love you…

  23. 24 Ezzy

    My favorite Olay Product has to be the ‘Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream’.
    I have a super pigmented face with a darker forehead and chin area but this cream evens it out both and makes my facial skin look the same. Also it is very light and has a non greasy texture which suits my combination skin with extremely oily t-zone area. and the SPF 24 makes it great for me to use in this Dubai summers!! (though I would prefer more SPF). Also the product has caused me no breakouts and has made my pigmentation marks decrease gradually. and it works great as a makeup base as well. Such a multipurpose product at a great affordable price!! what else would I want??

  24. 25 Lulu

    I have to say as much as I love the Regenerist line, my favorite will always be the classic original Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid. My 98 yr old grandmother still uses it, and so does my mother. It’s kept the women in my family beautiful for decades!

  25. 26 Nora Adib

    My favorite Olay product is Pro-X Clear UV Moisturizer — SPF 15
    it protects the skin and doesn’t make it greasy because of it’s oil free formula

  26. 27 Maggie

    Hudaa !!

    Thanks 2 u my favorite Olay product is the Regenerist Dermopods !! They are amazing and since I’m hitting the age 30 in 2 yrs I needed to concentrate on treating those light wrinkles around my eyes and to brighten it up. Seriously this product is amazing wouldn’t of given it a try if it weren’t for u xoxo

  27. 28 omaima

    I LOVE your contests and i LOVE OLAY for giving out such a great prize! Ive never done a facial so im Praying for this one!
    I Use Olay – regenerist night recovery cream! I seriously can trust it while I sleep and wake up to a clear soft face! I believe having a GOOD night cream is like having a best friend! It fights off acne, and help you wake up to a fresh start! I can never trust any other night cream… My mom has been an Olay fan for most of her life, and she has passed down the legacy to meee….
    Gd luck to all and whoever wins will be so lucky as its truly a great product as its sold at great price and DOES WORK, unlike all the other fancy pancy stuff

  28. 29 Desiree

    Ok to show you how desperate I am to have my virgin facial cherry popped by Anastasia, I actually went to Battuta mall which is the nearest to me and in my 5th day only of being in Dubai and got myself into Boots & Geant and got the derma pods, day cream and eye serum….. I love the eye serum! It doesn’t feel oily throughout the day and and trust me i have been in the sun the whole day looking at cars at outdoor showrooms (automarts). The skin under my eyes look tight but there is no tight feeling at all. Same with their day cream… I hope I am not too late for the contest and consider me a late bloomer but I remember my grandma using the earliest of Olay creams and if I’m not wrong they used to be called Oil of Ulan/ Ulay before becoming Olay and came in plastic containers. I remember this 79 yr old lady smothering it on her face everyday after her shower and now i know her secret….. 🙂

  29. 30 Saima Azam

    Olay Complete Daily Moisturizer:I’ve been using it since the first day I ever began “skincare”, which was as a young teen age 14 when my mom took me to my first dermatologist visit. Back then, he recommended this Olay Complete as the best daily moisturizer for my adolescent oily and mildly acne-prone skin.
    Ten years later, I find myself still returning to this moisturizer even after repeated instances where I “fell for” a well-hyped scientific-sounding MD-developed or Dept. store brand moisturizer. I’ve tried lots of different products in every price range imaginable, but they just end up as slightly used-up jars and bottles on my toilette; I consistently see that Olay does the best job and feels the best both in the morning and at the end of the day.
    I’ve read all the molecular and cell biology research (I’m a medical student!) and tested out tons of different hypotheses in my quest for the perfect preventive skincare regimen that will provide a healthy basis for future skin. I consistently choose to include Olay Complete as my main moisturizer, and I think I’ll keep using it for another few years.

  30. 31 payal

    I love the eye micro derma-pod…tried them 2 years ago in states…happy they r available here now….

  31. 32 Gail

    Olay Regenerist microsculpting serum – As it really does get rid of fine lines, and my skin looks so much better after using it just for a few days!

  32. 33 Desiree

    I took a very cool online help portal on where you answer a few questions and they recommend Olay products to use for your skin type and concerns. At the end of the recommendation, you get to print it out or have it sent straight to your personal email. This was very cool and anyone can give it a go if you’re crazy about Olay products or just want to try some of their products but unsure which range to use. However, now that I have my recommended list I have absolutely no idea where to get these Olay products. I’m new to Dubai so was wondering if anyone can recommend where I can search for the largest range of Olay products here in Dubai? Sorry if i have plagued the blog on this but I am just so intrigued right now with Olay

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