Tom Ford Shows His Pretty Side


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hellooo beautiful! I am so excited Tom Ford has launched more beauty products! I have a couple of his lipsticks from his collection and they were not only gorgeous, but soooo long-lasting! Of course they do come with a super heavty price tag, but I am excited to try the new collection, especially since Mr. Ford has been a lover of all things beauty since he was young! In an interview with WWD, the fashion hunk explained his love for beauty at a young age (sounds like my soul mate)!

“When I was 14, I had to be taken to the emergency room because the cucumber slices I had put on my eyes — to camouflage the bags — had made them swell shut. I could eat cucumbers, but my eyes were clearly allergic to them.”

He went on to confess his love for skincare products including oils, cold creams and the like. Considering his fascination with beauty, I am definitely ready to try the line! Can’t wait!! And I am loooooving Lara Stone in the ad campaigns, she is one of my favorite models!! 🙂

image credits wwd


8 Responses to “Tom Ford Shows His Pretty Side”

  1. 1 Mariam S

    This man is beautiful. Drop-dead gorgeous!

  2. 2 Ravvan

    Mariam, i was just about to write the same thing!! Über gorgeous! He is by far the sexiest most handsome man alive!

  3. 3 Dana Wolley


  4. 4 R120

    Is he gay I wonder?

  5. 5 Mary Monroe

    Tom Ford is Amazing!

    • I Looooove him!!!

  6. 7 Muni

    Tom Ford hair spray is the best Balck Orchid and his lipsticks cant wait to test the new products.

  7. 8 Fatimah

    Love it
    Any idea where its available in UK? Or online?

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