Angelina Keeps it Real for LV


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Normally, I do try to keep the focus on beauty as much as possible, well the latest ad campaign for Angelina Jolie in Louis Vuitton to me is simply beautiful for so many reasons! It’s definitely NOT your typical LV ad shot with super amounts of glamour and pizazz. No! It’s soft, real and very Angelina! She had the ad campaign shot in Cambodia (native to her son Maddox) and LVMH claims that Jolie did the ad completely au naturale–no makeup at all! It really looks like she has quite a bit of makeup on her eyes, but regardless, I love the fact that it is very much her in the ad that we see and that she decided to keep it that way! Go Angelina! I always feel like when we celebrate us and who we are, we truly make something artistically inspiring! What do you guys think?

image credits stylelite


10 Responses to “Angelina Keeps it Real for LV”

  1. i totally love it !!!!!!

  2. 2 M

    I didn’t read that she did it sans-makeup, rather that the clothes she is wearing are her own, as well as the LV bag — she’s owned it for a while now, which I thought was interesting as well!

    • Yup! LVMH claimed she did not wear any makeup! And you’re right about the bag (which she’s had for 6 years) and her clothes, I thought that was very cool as well! 🙂

      Here’s their statement: She’s barefoot, wearing her own clothes, no makeup and toting her own elegantly weathered monogrammed Alto bag. Yet Angelina Jolie looks radiant and completely in her element, reclining on a wooden boat in a verdant, lakeside landscape in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province.

      Pretty crazy, but she looks awesome!! 🙂

  3. 4 Mary Monroe

    This shot is beautiful! I think the ad expresses Angelina’s comfort, the fact that she has her own clothes and handbag, the location relating to her son, her natural beauty and the outdoors where she has no problem spending time there. This ad speaks pure fashion.

  4. 5 Eva

    A real genuine expression of art and beauty…amazing shot!

  5. 6 Maya

    I actually find it very distasteful and a little bit shameful that she is a Goodwill ambassador for the UN trying to help starving children in Africa/Cambodia/worldwide yet she will also be a brand ambassador for one of the world’s most expensive brands.
    One bag costs more than the GDP of most of the countries she visits on her UN missions.

  6. 7 Maya

    GDP per capita of course

  7. 8 Tata

    I love it…it real and different!

  8. 9 sahar

    She looks beautiful. However, there is no way she is not wearing makuep. I have seen her without makeup and this is not what it looks like. First of all her eyes are done up, second her lips are naturally really rosy. She even says in interviews that is why she likes the nude lip. I think maybe they are talking about foundation and instead of foundation they just airbrushed.

  9. 10 Shana

    She is always gorgeous! I actually met her and saw her face to face, she Is a natural beauty & very very down to earth. This is what I love most about her.

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