Kimmy K’s New Hair Kut


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not sure if it’s because my mom always grew my hair out super long when I was a child, but I have always looooved long hair!! I actually decided I wanted a change in the 4th grade and I chopped it off to my shoulders, didn’t suit me at all! As much as I love long hair, I love short hair as well (just not on me), but most people really suit certain lengths. Kim Kardashian just debuted her new shorter hair do, which looks pretty, but for me, I would have liked to either see something more drastic or I wish she would have kept it the same long length! She does still look gorgeous, but the cut she has, just doesn’t do anything for me personally, it’s just a shorter version of her old do with a bit more layering in the front! What do you guys think?

image credits kimkardashian


10 Responses to “Kimmy K’s New Hair Kut”

  1. 1 Amina

    “it’s just a shorter version of her old do” <— EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! I love long hair too! I never really liked short! When I knew that Kim did this to her hair I was like: O_O WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! So yeah, not feeling this new hair do.

  2. 2 ann

    She should not have even bothered to show us such a minor change! She loves attention my God. It looks to me like she just got her ends trimmed!

  3. 3 n_z

    i think that she just decited not wearing anymore her hair extantions.. 😀 so thats just her own hair 😀

  4. 4 hessa

    That was an extention cut this the actual lenght of her hair i think!!!.. but she looked younger:)

  5. 5 Ariyanna

    That’s not even a hair cut, she just removed her extentions so that’s just her real hair, not a “new” cut which it is being passed off as.

  6. 6 Mary Monroe

    I love this look on kim! I’m actually glad that she cut her hair, it looks great on her.. Although her signature long locks are gone, I believe it’s more important that she has healthy looking hair, extentions will always be there…

  7. 7 Sidra

    nthg new there

  8. 8 R120

    love huda’s beauty blogs posts. hate kimmy k blog posts. hope this one doesn’t get deleted!

  9. 9 fatima

    her makeup is greaaaaaat

  10. 10 Destiny


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