Cankle Surgery?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Whether or not it’s true, Cheryl Cole has been getting a lot of attention for a reported cankle removal recently. Becoming a new fad in the ‘wonderful’ world of plastic surgery, the X-Factor starlet has been said to have had her ankles slimmed over the past month causing a 60% increase in requests for ankle liposuction.

I think it’s interesting that this is an option for women now, it seems you can literally change anything you are unhappy with. If I wanted slimmer ankles and they bothered me, I probably would do this, it doesn’t seem like anything that really changes who you are, but at the same time, when does all of this modifying stop? I know I am constantly bashing certain surgeries and women who have done ten-too-many procedures, but the truth is, I’m not against any plastic surgery. I feel it’s a personal choice. Could I go under the knife myself, I don’t know, I’m quite happy with my slightly crooked nose, but only because I feel it adds character. Is that silly? Maybe, but again, it’s a personal choice.

I just feel that if you want to get something done, what is the objective? Is it for self-esteem, or is it to become “perfect” and what is that? Anyways, I know I’m going on, but I think it’s important to discuss these things since it’s become crazy how much people are slowly starting to look like Heidi Montag Barbie.  What do you guys think?

source dailymail
image credits thefrisky


7 Responses to “Cankle Surgery?”

  1. 1 Hnd

    you are absolutely right!! In my opinion Imperfections makes you who YOU are ! sometimes perfect everything gets a little boring after a while and everyone becomes the same

  2. 2 R120

    i think that in this day and age, the obsession with appearance, beauty , and being sexy is the motivating factor for all this plastic surgery. what are you going to do? just the way it is.


    I have a lot of friends who will be REALLY happy to hear about this procedure.. and as u said Huda plastic surgeries may have different objectives if it’s for the self-esteem I think they should go for it!

    I LOVE U :****

  4. 4 Ap

    its indeed sad that people resort to such things…. cosmetic surgery is a boon to mankind where people can alter their apperances if unfortunately they werent blessed with it or coz of some accident….however now people are getting maniac…. esp with the celebrities endorsing cosmetic culture….. dnt remember when the world last appreciated natural beauty! :P….. even the recent post on Angelina Jolie’s “natural look” was questioned…. why cant we have better self-images….

  5. 5 Nouf

    Thanks for the post, before that i never knew such a word in the dictionary called “cankle” existed.


  6. 6 monia

    I have looked at Cheryl pictures and I don’t think she did an operation. Plus I don’t think her ankle need one! She looks perfect the way she is!Ciao!

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    I totally agree with you Huda, No one is perfect and to try and make yourself appear perfect just isn’t promising.

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