Trend to Try | Leopard Nails


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I have been obsessed with leopard nails since I first saw them at Nail Moda in Wafi! Minx nails are some of my favorite nails for special occasions and when I saw this picture that Zubaida from Butter Hot Shoes (I adore her and her sister) posted, I remember thinking it was one of the hottest ways to do Minx Leopard nails. Whether you try them on all of your nails or just with one, they are seriously one of the my favorite trends right now! Sally Hansen offers these nails in her Salon Effects kits, but they don’t give you the entire show-stopper affect as the Minx do! Either way this trend is wickedly HAUTE and a must do right now!

If you haven’t tried Nail Moda, definitely take a trip down to Wafi and visit them, their Minx are the best and last waaay longer than any other salon I have tried and that’s where Zubaida did hers!


12 Responses to “Trend to Try | Leopard Nails”

  1. 1 maha

    Amaziiiiing! ❤

  2. 2 Tamara

    how funny! I just got my Minx Nails done in Pink Leopard! 🙂


  3. 4 Attia


  4. I Have to go to nail moda after this post!
    thanks Huddie xxo

    • You’re too cute! 🙂

  5. 7 Renren


  6. WOW!!! HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Love them!!!

  7. i bought the sally hansen salon effects u recommended in leopard print! =D haven’t gotten around doing my nails yet!

  8. 10 Yulia

    love you baby and love your blog! you are the best xoxo

  9. I like one nail only to be different from the other!
    Monia, Rome

  10. 12 lindsay

    Sephora also has some similar to the sally hansen ones!

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