Barely Recognizable?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

To most of us, when we see an ad or billboard, we generally don’t think about how the original photo looked. We assume there was a little photo editing done, but that the model, makeup, clothing, all looked pretty perfect. Well after working closely with some photographers, I’m sometimes shocked at how much “editing” goes into the photos (it’s more like they completely change the photo). Once again a celebrity becomes the focus here with being overly photoshopped, this time Twiglight siren Ashley Greene. I honestly, didn’t even know it was her! I do love the photos, but a little more natural photo editing would have been more attractive and human like!


4 Responses to “Barely Recognizable?”

  1. i had too google to remember who it was

    • 2 Renren

      same here

  2. 3 Yusra

    OMG i wuldve never known its herrr….holy crapp….i still cant see the “twilight girl”…shes HOT tho

  3. 4 DS

    whoa she looks way too plastic…loving the feathery lashes though, shes pretty

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