Prada’s Delicious New Fragrance


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I seriously want to get my hands on this like now! After reading guilty confession atfer confession of women falling head over heals in love with this deliciously sweet fragrance from Prada, I am seriously convinced this will be my perfect segue fragrance from summer to fall. Super feminine with intoxicating notes of caramel and musk, this has made some serious noise in the fragrance world as being one of the most coveted fall perfumes! Either way, I am IN LOVE with the adorably chic packaging! Definitely something I need to get on my perfume table, like NOW!

image credits allure


3 Responses to “Prada’s Delicious New Fragrance”

  1. looks good I wanna try it<3

  2. 2 Aminah

    my dad got this for me!! omg it’s amaaazing! half of the bottle is gone by now and they dont sell it here in Bahrain =( it’s totally me, and i love it! =D

  3. 3 Martine

    Can you show us how you do your eyebrows??:D They are sooo perfect!!

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