Loving Orange Nails!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am so obsessed with bright nails for summer! I always love hot pink for this time of year, but orange right now is sooooo my thing! I think I found the most fabulous color from Dolce & Gabbana (Fire) that is kind of a bright orangey red! I love wearing them so much and they go perfect with almost every skin tone, especially olive skin tones. If you have pink undertones, using ones that are on the peach side might suit your skin better, but whatever your tone, this is a trend to try fast!

image credits stylist


6 Responses to “Loving Orange Nails!”

  1. 1 Leena

    O-M-G! I was just putting on my perfect shade of orange – Illamasqua’s Whack which is an awesome chip resistant orange!

    • OMG! I loooove that shade!! Illamasqua makes amazing nail polishes!

  2. Orange polish on short nails are so hot ❤

  3. 4 Mary Monroe

    I was thinking about what color to do my nails for my miami trip. Kim K. had this polish it was like a light red coral Ughh I wish I knew the name I’m loving that color!

  4. orange nails for the summer = perfectly gorgeous and radiant nails! =)) lovee it . .!

  5. orange nails for the summer= perfectly gorgeous and radiant nails .! =) lovee it .

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