Megs Does Armani Right


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’ll admit, with or without Megan Fox I love Armani makeup, but her ad campaigns make it all just that much better! The young starlet has been featured in more than a few Armani campaigns, but her Armani beauty is possibly my favorite (that’s a no-brainer!). As much as I love the campaign and the photos, I do feel they look a bit too photoshopped, there were a few where I thought she looked kind of like a plastic doll, no?

Today I tried the Armani Fluid Master Face Primer! Woooow, I looove the way it makes my skin feel, going to keep trying it to see if it’s worth doing a review, but so far, I love it!!

image credits makeherup


3 Responses to “Megs Does Armani Right”

  1. 1 sadia

    you’re right! way too photoshopped. but she does look gorgeous!

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    Megan looks amazing I’ve always admired her beauty. I’m loving her eyebrows in this picture!

  3. 3 bonkasaurus

    in some of the pictures she doesnt even look like herself. I am a huge megan fox fan though and I think she is the opitome of sex appeal.
    Go megan!

    -Bianca at

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