Want Some of Fabio’s Hair?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Well, there is a recession going on, and in honor of the economic crisis, Fabio has decided to do a celebrity first: sell his hair on Craigslist. I guess being famed for something makes that something valuable, but my guess it doesn’t mean that much when it’s NOT on you. Just in case you are a Fabio fan and interested in buying locks of his hair, Fabio is selling his hair for $10,000 per 1/2 inch of hair, seem fair? I’m hoping this is some kind of joke and that the person selling the hair is just an impersonator, it’s just so not cool and kind of weird!

image credits fabioif


One Response to “Want Some of Fabio’s Hair?”

  1. 1 Mariam S

    I wouldn’t think it’s weird if he is donating the money he makes to a charity! The Biebs did this, but every penny went to a good cause.

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