Get Sued for Looking Like Kim Kardashian?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s nice to see s celebrity in Hollywood that isn’t your typical cookie cutter hottie, and Kim Kardashian is definitely that celeb. You may have all seen the commercial from Old Navy that was released with a extreme look-a-like of the bodacious beauty, which left Kimmy seriously unhappy. So unhappy that she has decided to sue Old Navy for capitalizing on her fame.  I would normally think this is the most ridiculous thing ever, but here’s the thing, in the commercial, Melissa Molinaro really does look like Kim and there are parts where the paparazzi are shooting her so it does seem similar. I still think that is not enough to make a case, but then Old Navy has been commenting on the fact that they look a like and on their Twitter account they were definitely using the fact that Melissa and Kim look similar to generate buzz. Personally, I still think it’s silly and I think she should take it as a compliment, but I’m not in her shoes, so I don’t know! It’s just with a busy life and a money-making bod, why go through the trouble?

I was actually asked my thoughts about this and someone requested a poll, so hopefully you guys can let us know what you think!

image credits zimbio


42 Responses to “Get Sued for Looking Like Kim Kardashian?”

  1. 1 Bunny

    I think kimmy took the wrong decision , especially the fact that she’s getting married next month , she took a really bad choice to sue mallisa , well who knows what she’s thinking …

  2. Huda…You favor her a bit. Watch out…lol 😉

  3. She needs to get a grip. She is nothing special anyways.

  4. 4 ruby

    She’s an actress and should be allowed to make a living without worrying that she’ll get sued each time she works!I’m sure kate beckingsale didn’t sue Lost for using evangeline lily lol. Kim needs to get over herself…

  5. 5 R120

    Oh huda. HELLOOO? This woman is soooo full of herself, isn’t that clear? She is filthy rich already and is saying she lost money from this? R u kidding me? Why doesn’t she let someone else make money, seriously. She seems so fake and phony it’s sickening. She is so ridiculously into herself and it’s so pathetic. Good looks aside (real or not), she is a complete narcissist, though not overtly visible.

  6. 6 R120

    Oh huda. HELLOOO? This is one greedy woman! She is filthy rich as it is and now she is trying to get MORE money? Oooh get over yourself honey! Good looks (real or not) aside, she is one chick who is full of herself. I hope she loses this case.

  7. 7 R120

    Oops sorry, I didn’t think the first one would go through. Well u get my point!

  8. 8 stell

    There r ppl dying from hunger in the world and countries in dire need for help and this greedy bitch( she rlly is!) is suing for $20 mill? Sorry but that’s beyond ridiculous and she gets too much attention. I feel bad that I’ve heard more about this BS than about Somalia lately. What an f*ed up world rlly..

  9. 9 stell

    Keep in mind this is the same woman who promoted toilet tissue rolls for money, talk about low and classless and GREEEEDYY. Even on their fake show she’s boring and bratty and uninteresting. Disgusting really :s

  10. 10 LeTishia

    I think the double looks better. She looks more natural

  11. Honestly, the double doesn’t really look exactly like Kim. I mean, they don’t look like twins, that for sure. So I don’t see why she decided to sue. Anyone can tell that the look-alike is not the real McCoy.

  12. 12 MJALBADER

    Kim is a drama queen!

  13. 13 YaZ

    Oh come on.. They look alike but not to the point that you would mistake her for Kim K.. Especially with that tiny butt of hers.

    Well it might be because Melissa’s dating Regie Bush (Kim’s ex) or the more believable reason of thinking that Old Navy capitalized on her “signature” look and wants her slice of the cake…

    I think Melissa looks like Nicole Scherzinger too from the pussy cats dolls and if this is the case then she should sue too..

    Ridiculous & Silly

  14. 14 Angela

    Imo, she doesn’t even look like Kim! Kim is so full of herself, she’ll do anything for money. Such a shame. 😦

    She looks more like her friend Brittany Gastineau actually.

  15. 15 Renren

    Drama drama drama Miss.K.
    So if i look similar to a celebrity and someone hires me for an ad campaign for a company they are allowed to get sued. She’s cuter than kim, and kim should take is a compliment honestly. ridiculous. Go help Japan, Haiti and other countries that are devastated by natural disasters and collapsed economy and low medical care and food and clothing and housing instead of suing a company for hiring someone who somewhat resembles you (maybe even prettier)

    • 16 Consentida

      she’s suing because old navy manilpulated that commercial to make it seem like Kim for publicity. It’s not just because that girl is in the commercial and the case isn’t because she ‘looks’ like her!! DuH! and that girl barely resembles Kim! The point is the principle!!!

      • 17 Renren

        and also because they chose someone who resembled kim, that’s the point of it. Either way there are a million tragedies..actual tragedies with people suffering and malnourished and homeless and she’s acting up like this. it’s ridiculous.

  16. For Kim, I don’t think the decision was made out of moral. I think she just saw another way of making money.

  17. 19 Stacy Ann

    Everyone is dogging on Kim here!!!!! Any one of you would love to be in her shoes!!!! SHE IS GORGEOUS! And there were def points in the commercial where I totally would have mistaken the model for Kim!

    • 20 mel

      why does resembeling her constitute suing old navy? she can’t copyright her face, or a side pony tail or using the word ‘cute’. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE.. i hope she comes after me attempting sue.. i’ll karate chop her big butt back to broke-land

    • 21 R120

      what exactly does her being gorgeous have to do with the fact she is suing old navy for a woman who looks like her. there are a lot of long haired dark beauties out there.

  18. 22 Mara

    There is a similarity in the video however in the pics below she looks more like Brittany gastineau than Kimmie k

  19. 23 Bunny

    I’m so with Stacy Ann I love kimmy so much! she’s gorgeous and beautiful

  20. 24 Maha

    i dont see the similarity 😐 ! and even if there was ,,, this is stupid.. Every one that looks like a celebrity should WAATCH OUT ! :p nonsense

    • 25 Consentida

      it’s not specifically about looks and old navy is being sued NOT the ridiculous not even close look alike. So why is everyone saying watch out if you look like a celebrity that case is about old navy and not specifially about the girl.

  21. 26 Shelly

    Kim is a greedy and selfish woman. This is taking fame way too far. Huda is she going to sue you next, because you guys definitely look alike! You just look better of course! Kim’s fake!:-) Also, the guys in this video remind you of the Black Eye Peas….you don’t see them suing do you?

  22. 27 lala_boo

    I am sorry but I have lost all respect for kim! she was getting annoying before this happened but this is the cherry on top!!
    In what world can you be sued for looking the way you look naturally? or if you look like someone else?
    Melissa is natural unlike the other one and they simply styled her hair and clothing in what is fashionable at the moment but kim being SO IN LOVE WITH HERSELF just took it to the next level..
    I personally think this is all about her dating Reggie Bush,her and shes just jealous that he can move on with his life and not mourn her forever lol
    This is well and truly sad !
    Like everyone else said there are more important things in this world to be thinking about…with all the money shes made and is making she could be helping people who really do need it instead of just living in her own bubble

  23. I love Kim too but I think this is completely ridiculous as well. What was her PR thinking allowing her to go through with this case!?! LOOOOL…. Sorry! But that’s how I think ;p XOXO *PR PRINCESS*

  24. 29 Fatma M

    Her face looks like Kim but nothing in the ad clearly relates to kim, her hair colour, body n style r diff.. I love the kardashians but i also think its v. Obvious how they try to get as much attention and fame as possible, i think its both jealousy that melissa is stealing some of her attention and an attempt to make some money.. I dont think she’ll win the case.
    Lov u huda n mona!

    • Awwww!!! I love you baby!!! ❤

  25. 31 Consentida

    I think that old navy is taking advantage of her fame. I don’t understand why they need to do that, I think Kim has a right to be upset about that. It’s like they are trying to ride her coat tail…I know she’s super rich and what does it matter you all are saying. But I don’t think it’s right and it’s not the money it is the principle! However, that being said…is everyone on crack????!! That girl does not look like Kim Kardashian, I mean she’s clearly trying SUPER hard with the hair style and clothes and stuff but c’mon seriously?!

  26. Wow, so much Kim hate here, LOL.

    I don’t get why people only attack her for being selfish.. at least she’s honest. Its not like JLO is touring the world helping sick children, shes promoting her album because its her job. I don’t see Megan Fox handing out money to foundations/charities (Kim HAS numerous times, but doesnt make a huge scene about it, the same way celebs do. If you help its because you want to…Why show off about it?). I do love kim… but this is sort of ridiculous. She looks nothing like Kim, she looks like her friend Brittany. Kim is way more gorgeous and has a way nicer body.

    • 33 R120

      So clearly, it is bc kim has made a “huge scene” of her charity that you even know about it. not all works of charity need to be publicized. in fact, most charitable works are anonymous. it is those who want to GAIN that publicize their “acts of kindness.”

      • Because I check out her blog, where she posts things about her daily life…..? NOT because its all over the news and magazines – THATS a huge scene 😛

      • 35 R120

        She has 10 million visitors to her website every month,i consider that publicity!

  27. OMG I totally agree with Thajba! I thought she she was Brittny Gastineau at first glance! She looks nothing like kim am afraid!

  28. 37 Lisa

    According to tmz, Kim has the Kadashion collection coming out and is partnered with Sears. Sears saw the Old Navy commerical and thought Kim was working with them as well. Sears claimed that Melissa was creating “marketing confusion” so I guess that why kim is sueing Old Navy.

    • 38 R120

      i dont believe for one second this has anything to do with marketing confusion. cop out for her selfish greedy self.

  29. 39 Amna

    thats pretty stupid!

  30. 40 Mary Monroe

    I think that Kim wouldn’t of went this far by suing old navy when the commercial came out in February… but the fact that Old Navy was tweeting Kim k about the similarity of her and Monlinaro, I think Kim did the right thing in wanting to sue Old Navy. Kim K worked hard for her Kardashian Empire and for someone to shadow her and pretend to be her to make money on top of that gossip about it to her, She can do what she thinks is right and sue them to stop.

  31. 41 D

    I don’t think they look alike.. in my opinion, the double is way prettier honestly. I’m not a Kim kardashian fan but I think she’s suing because on the commercial it’s like their trying to make the chick look like kim, it ain’t the doubles fault and so she shouldn’t be sued but I see where she’s coming from with suing old navy, I guess. Still she should just let it go, keep it classy acting like it didn’t mean anything to her..

  32. 42 m

    She looks more like britanny gastineau dont u think??????/

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