How Beyonce Stays Fit!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I absolutely love Beyonce if for anything her dedication to everything in her life–the girl works hard! It’s not easy to be in Hollywood, almost every celebrity has their slip ups with weight gains here and there. While B is happy she’s curvy, she has managed to stay unbelievably fit throughout her career! Of course, she’s tried a few diets that sent her on a hiatus of cravings, but here is how she stays in impeccable shape! I’m taking notes!!

On the Master Cleanse:

After wanting to drop some quick pounds, Beyonce tried the ever-so-famous Master Cleanse diet and after only 14 days, the songstress lost 20 pounds. But Beyonce said “I would never recommend it to anyone unless you are doing a movie and it’s necessary. As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back.” She also admits that the diet left her cranky!

I’ve tried this diet and I found it is a great detox, but should not be used to lose weight, rather as a jump start to a diet. It was created as a cleanse to remove impurities out of our system and really should be used as that!

Her Current Diet:

Beyonce loves the treadmill and five days a week, she runs for four miles on high incline (not easy). As if that wasn’t enough, she then does free weights for 45 minutes followed by oh only 100 squats, walking lunges, step-ups and bicep curls.  She’s also a big fan of Yoga, and does it once week as a relaxing and healing part of her training. She has also admitted her favorite workout for her famous bootilicious derriere is using the steps! “They are the best thing for butt cheeks,” she says.

Beyonce sticks to lean proteins and vegtables for her diet and avoids foods like red meat, carbs, and alcohol.

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credits zimbio


5 Responses to “How Beyonce Stays Fit!”

  1. 1 Aminah

    im gonna be starting an abs workout class today! I’m not overweight. Have a flat stomach already and a great set of legs but I really need to lose my love handles cuz they’re soooo obvious !! I have a spoon shaped body =/ (any reccomendations?) thanks :*

    • 2 Aminah

      Oops I thought this was posted on Alyas fit club :$ even though it doesn’t make a difference to me you’re both amazing ❤

  2. 3 noor

    plzz i need a help !!! :””( i heat my love handles !!!!!! i heat it so much help me plzzzz :”(

  3. 4 Renren

    I need to start working out asap….now….

  4. 5 Deann

    I’m a big fan of beyonce and all the curvy women in hollywood who don’t succumb to the the pressure of becoming a size zero! Great role model 🙂 x

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