Hottest Lip Trend of the Moment?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

With summer ending in only one month, there are some trends that we can take with us to fall, thank goodness! One of my favorite trends all year long has been Haute Pink Lips, but a great and super trendy way to wear it through the rest of the year is matte! Can we say HAAAUTE?!! I love them! I loved them at the DVF fashion show in NYC and I loved them after trying them! If you haven’t seen my video on how to make hot pink lips even hotter, check it out below! It also shows you how you can mattify any lipstick using an eyeshadow or blush! A must to try!

image credit stylist


4 Responses to “Hottest Lip Trend of the Moment?”

  1. 1 fofa

    the good thing is it’s ur fav…<333

  2. 2 bonkasaurus

    I feel like a lot of outfits are focusing on neutral and blush color palettes, but makeup is trending to bright colored lips and liners.

    -Bianca at

  3. 3 Muni

    Hi Huda..i find it so hard to find the perfect pink for darker complexion(Kahtani)help i love TomFords fuscia pink thats wht i use but im looking for a nice pink that wont make me look washed out or dull.

  4. you’re so cute!!! I’m your biggest fan :)) love you hood!

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