SJP Gets Some New Hands!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I completely understand the importance of making sure every part of your body looks youthful and fresh, especially if you are a celebrity! And of course, that includes your hands and any other other features that might show your true age. So it’s no big surprise that celebrities have to get all kinds of body parts photoshopped when doing a photoshoot and boy did SJP get shopped! Typically we’re use to seeing her face photoshopped to remove the standard wrinkle, but this time it was her hands that fell victim to getting overly photoshopped. I totally get the fact that it’s important to look youthful in Hollywood, but I honestly think they went a bit crazy!

On another note, make sure you take good care of your hands! They always get so little love and since we wash them all the time, they need extra moisture! I love the Soap & Glory Hand food and I always add just a squirt of SPF in the bottle to protect against any harmful rays that might cause aging, drying, or sun spots!


4 Responses to “SJP Gets Some New Hands!”

  1. 1 Hafsa

    Wow, this airbrushing is crazy! These celebrities are barely themselves anymore. The rest of the world needs to follow suit with what the UK is doing and banning adverts that are too heavily airbrushed!

  2. 2 HudaZuba

    OH EM GEE!! her original hands really look wonder photoshop is much needed.
    But dayumnn, her hands look younger than mine with not a single flaw!! Defo overly done!

    ure amzing Huda..i followed ur advice on drinking loads of water n to carry a mug or bottled water everywhere..ive never drank more water in my life! lol
    my skin is visibly smoother, no pimples, no face has lightened up and really does look fresh and alive!

    i seem to be listening to u more than anyone else, so it seems! hahaha
    love u baby!


  3. OMG!! They definitely went too far because we know what her hands really look like 🙂

  4. 4 stell

    I’m more interested in how her nails are rarely polished :p

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