The Good & the Ugly from the Teen Choice Awards


By Huda Heidi Kattan

The Teen Choice Awards is ultimately the Emmy’s of G-rated television, so of course the red blue carpet for the ceremony is covered with celebs looking their very best! Of course some celebs bring some serious hotness, while others look completely confused! My favorite look from the event is definitely a tie between Selena Gomez and Holland Roden (the gorgeous red head with red lips). There were a few looks I wasn’t crazy about, but overall I liked most of the looks!

image credits zimbio


8 Responses to “The Good & the Ugly from the Teen Choice Awards”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Khloe’s dress, it’s so gorgeous!

    • I love everything about her look!! She looks amazing! And that hint of pink on her lips is sooo pretty and feminine! Love it!!

  2. 3 bonkasaurus

    My favorite with the Monroe girls! I liked how they both incorporated blues from each other’s dresses in their accessories.

    I wasn’t impressed with Kim K’s dress, It was cute but just too plain for a teen choice awards. Not to mention with the tight bun, it all said too stuffy. But the dress is cute for a date or girls night out..


    • Their dresses are GORG!!! I totally agree!! 🙂

  3. My fav were the Monroe girls, Selena, and the gorg red-head. I LOVED Kendall Jenner’s dress too! I liked Kim’s but I agree with Bianca.. not a good choice for the Teen Awards.

    • Loved Kendalls look!!! ❤

  4. loved d kardashian/jenner sisters…. selena n demi looked cute 😀

  5. 8 Lady D

    I found Kendall’s dress reminiscent of ET .. All I could think about whilst looking at the picture was ” ET come home” especially with that weird hairstyle , it completes the ET look .

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