Kristen Stewart Wows in W


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I seriously have NEVER seen Kristen look hotter than the way she does on the cover of W Magazine September’s issue! She looks smoking hot!! I can’t get over how gorgeous her makeup and hair is, I’m loving the whole 60’s inspired look! I’m not sure who was the makeup artist on set, but seriously, KUDOS! You can tell the Twilight star is totally feeling her look, it is definitely her best photoshoot to-date! There is so much attitude, but it still very glam and sexy! What do you guys think, do you like the look?


17 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Wows in W”

  1. 1 bonkasaurus

    So this is like the 6 or 7th time i have seen a post of kristen stewart in this magazine and all i can say is for once this chick looks like a girl! She looks like a completely different person. it is amazing what eyeliner can do.

    -Bianca at

  2. 2 ~LE~

    OMG I didn’t even recognize her!!

  3. 3 AB!! That’s one genuis makeup artist!!! She looks STUNNING! This look brought out her beauty. I can’t stop admiring the perfection. She’s definitely on a whole new radar now,modeling def works for her!

    Does that mean we’ll get a generous tutorial by you soon? Please Hudz?
    Stay gorgeous! Xo

  4. 4 tracyredroses

    I think she looks completely different and GORGEOUS !!! her make up and hair are really sexy and 60’s inspired I didn’t know it was her when I saw the cover !

  5. 5 NadyneQ

    at 1st i thought it was lindsy lohan. good job ks, she looks glam.

  6. 6 Suhad

    she looks much like Lindsay Lohan :O

    i loved her lips !

  7. 7 Mallory

    i love her, she’s gorgeous!!! this is definitely her best photoshoot, she looks amazing!!!

  8. 8 m

    Hudaaaa !!! plz do a tutorial on this look especially the eye make up it wud be AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 M

    Thicker eyebrows definitely look so much better on her. Too bad she keeps them so thin.

  10. 10 Reema

    iii hear a new makeup tutorial

  11. 11 christina


    • You got it girls!!!! Love you guys!!Xxxx

  12. 13 Sahar

    Kristin looks really pretty but I think it’s a lot of Photoshop. Her feaures look stronger and more defined.

  13. 14 Haneen


    the MUA for this shoot is Lucia Pieroni for Clé de Peau Beauté.

  14. 15 julia

    huda you are a real expert in the world of fashion and beauty!im reading your posts and have a great pleasure all the time!really good advices, photoes, tutorials. but on this foto kristen has got a bad manicure and i think hed lil finger spoiles the picture))

    thanks a looot for your posts)))
    julia, from russia with love=**

  15. 16 Sophie

    She’s naturally beautiful anyway, and never wears any makeup whatsoever, that’s why it seems like this image is enhanced….Moreover, they try to make her as ordinary as possible in the Twilight Saga so that she epitomizes the actual character from the books.

  16. 17 Ariadne

    The makeup is amazing, but it still looks like the same expression she always wears. Blank stare. Sorry. Not a big fan of her. She needs more emotion in her face and acting.

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