Vitamin HB | Super Shine!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you love products as much I do, then you without doubt have a a cupboard full of styling products that could style half of India. Using different products on our hair helps tame the frizz, keep the curl, and do a lot of other things we desperately need, but let’s be honest, over time our hair needs a GOOD cleaning to get rid of the buildup! If you need a good rinse to get rid of any unwanted residue from product buildup then you’re in luck! I do this every other month (sometimes more) when I need a good rinse to bring my hair back to life and get it looking shiny again! I alternate between this method and using baking soda! I like them both, it really depends on what I have in my kitchen cabinet at the moment!


1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 liter spring water  (just pour a small amount out, so the vinegar will fit, you can keep this in your shower and use whenever you need)

Mix ingredients together in large pitcher or water bottle. After washing hair, use as rinse. If the smell bothers you, then you can rinse your hair with plain cool plain water.


12 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Super Shine!”

  1. 1 Attia

    omg you are so funny. India has so much population. I think you can style Pakistan with that hehehe.
    I’m gonna try this for sure. my hair become so rough and frizzy because of using straightener. love you baby

  2. Huda! being a hairdresser and all that. I really love that this is a super easy at home treatment with an everyday ingredient to offer my clients. I despise having to go out of my way to buy some of these ” at home remedies. ” So for some of us who don’t have Apple cider vinegar at hand… would regular white vinegar do the trick?

  3. 3 ayouna

    Hahahaha You just described my bathroom cabinet, and the cupboard below the sink practically falling out with products and the shelf in my bath with god knows how many shampoo and conditioners and don’t even get me started on my bedroom beauty storage boxes and my make up drawer is OMG! My fiance accidently opened it once and said ‘what the hell is this’ LOL. I did try to use apple cider, but I can’t handle the smell so I use Aveda hair and body cleaner, it removes chlorine, salt as well product build up, has a nice lemony smell xx

    • 4 Ghada

      Hey babes.. Where can u buy aveda in dubai ? Thanx 🙂

      • 5 Ayouna

        hi hun, I found mine from the UK bas check out and if you know anyone in europe or the states and they r coming to dubai I’m sure they will send you some xx

      • 6 Hanan

        Aveda is available at most pharmacies in Dubai. So try boots, supercare, life etc. They all carry it.

  4. 7 arwa

    hey huda ,, i’m libyan and we got disconnected since the war started about 6 months ago …. the most thing i miss was your blog .. i kept telling everybody that i’m going to need to set on the pc for a week to catch up on your blog before doing anything as soon as i get internet …

  5. 8 Hafsa

    Apple Cider Vinegar is AMAZING! The shine it’ll give your hair is crazy but you need to use it every now and then otherwise it’ll mess up the pH of your hair!

  6. where can i get apple cider vinegar in dubai?

  7. hey babes… i want to do keratin … pls advise..

  8. 11 Barbie

    Cider vinegar does wonders to the hair.. I used to mix water and vinegar 50% 50% in a cup (will try your measurements Huda).. This not only adds a shine to the hair but also gets rid of dandruff!

  9. 12 typefashion

    I wonder if plain vinegar will suffice 🙂

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