The Last of Kim’s Wedding Photos


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It might seem crazy that People magazine dished out 2.5 Million to the newly wed couple, but Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have finally released their final wedding photos and they are pretty beautiful! I have to say, I love her dress! It’s pretty classic and it reminds me a lot of mine, I’m pretty traditional:) I still like her better with her hair down, but nevertheless, she looks gorgeous!


12 Responses to “The Last of Kim’s Wedding Photos”

  1. 1 Bunny

    She looks stunning as usual , but there should be more details on her wedding dress

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    First off I have to say it looks like Kim K got married to herself? Doesn’t it not, Way to go Kim and People Mag I believe it’s so selfish of her not having her husband on the cover of the magazine. People’s mag said that Kris H. was too tall to fit on the cover, I believe that’s b.s they could of made it happen.

    Her wedding gown for me was a disappointment, I was expecting more. The other two gowns weren’t a huge deal.. the satin dress looked a little cheap to me. I heard that a piece of her father’s shirt was incorporated in her wedding gown… She also stated that she changed her mind quite a few times, I wonder what designs she was thinking of and if they’d be better than her final decisions. I also have to say I wasn’t a big fan of the black and white theme. Her bridesmaids wearing white kills everything, Yeah Pippa Middleton and the little bridesmaid girls at Kate’s wedding for me wasn’t a bother and it worked, but for being traditional having people wear white at Kim’s wedding deff didn’t pull it off, in fact they all just take away from her moment and it shows in the pictures . Overall, Kim looked stunning.

    • I agree with pretty much everything written above!

    • 4 LadyInBlack

      how can he be too tall to fit on the cover but then the perfect height to fit in the magazine (the picture of him and kim together where he’s wearing the black tux) aren’t both the cover and the pages contained in the magazine A4 sized?! :S LMBO!!

  3. 5 LeTishia

    I am going to have to go with fail. I think they could have done better

  4. 6 Alexandra

    I have to agree with Mary Monroe! I don’t know how to say this, but I really don’t think her dresses were that special. Maybe they were expensive, but they really look cheap, or at least ‘normal.’ There’s no details on them, I don’t know…. And her sisters look like brides in white, or maybe it’s those dresses they’re wearing. It looks like they tried to copy Kate Middleton, but they couldn’t pull it off.

  5. im happy for her 🙂 the most important thing is that it was her day,, and she is happy!

  6. 8 zuhra

    it would be much easier to see these and other pictures with the “prev” and “next” button 😉

  7. 9 Fatma Mad

    Thanks Huda for posting these.. I think she looks perfect (her face) i always love her make up! But its disappointing that all her sisters look like they r wearing bridal dresses and carrying a bouquet its like a group wedding

  8. 10 Sarah

    i agree with monroe its nothing shocking, she looks the same….

  9. 11 Shazia

    She and her sisters look like a walking Vera Wang advertisement. The sisters are all wearing bridal gowns, not bridesmaid dresses. It feels too staged. The promotional use of this wedding is beyond tacky.

  10. I’m happy for Kim. I think she looked stunning. At the end of the day, its her day and she has the right to make it as perfect as she see’s fit. The only brides that have a responsibility to garner public approval are the designers who make the dresses that appear in bridal magazines, and bridal shows across North America. My wedding will be different but thats because as the bride of my wedding I can do that.

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