The GuY-Factor | The Right Moisturizer


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I hate the fact that so many men (my hubby included) think that using moisturizer is not masculine–trust me boys, there is nothing hot about dry, rough skin! As much as guys don’t like moisturizer, I don’t like feeling skin that lacks it! Honestly guys, when it comes to being overly pretty, the only thing that will put you over-the-top is having eyebrows that are more perfect than mine (think, Jersey Shore-ish). So please moisturize!!

The absolute best moisturizer I have recommended for guys over and over again and their wives & girlfriends to use on them is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. The reason why I love this moisturizer is that it provides intense moisture but is so light that it doesn’t feel like you need to slather it on over and over again. It keeps your skin hydrated all day without making you look like you have been spending too much time with your girl! I also love the fact that it has SPF 15, which means you can skip having apply an SPF (as if you were going to)! Hands down, the best moisturizer for guys and gals!

Available at Harvey Nichols MOE and Bloomingdales Dubai Mall or online at


3 Responses to “The GuY-Factor | The Right Moisturizer”

  1. 1 SabrinaS

    My Husband has been using HugoBoss Skin Healthy look Face for men..
    its a moisturizer and has a tiny hint of tanning agent.
    * my hubby is the worst manly man case. and he loves this
    * the tanning agent is soo subtil.. but over time, especially in our cold winters i find that it makes him look more healthy.. less winter-green

    Have him try it after the Kiel’s

    lots of love from Canada xxx

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    I have this moisturizer and i love it… I’m not used to applying moisturizer on my face, do i apply it on everyday?

  3. 3 Simone G

    I actually use this in my kit for guys! It’s a great product. A little bit goes a long way. Mary – It depends on your skin type, if you have dry skin or dry patches apply it in the morning and evening. If you have oily/combination skin you can afford to use it a little bit less x

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