How I’m Getting Into Shape, Post Pregnancy!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I remember being 6 years old and watching my older sister Alya run around my house working out for 4 hours at a time, of course I thought she was crazy. She is as obsessed with exercise as I am with makeup and I personally don’t get it! I don’t like working out, I wouldn’t say I hate it, but it’s just not my thing! If I had to choose between doing the dishes (another hobby of mine, NOT) and working out, I would probably be scrubbing away at some pots and pans.

Needless to say, I am not in the shape of I was pre-preggers, SOO I am forced to work out and of course I am completely depending on Alya for my diet and training. She is AMAZING! But sometimes I can’t workout with her due to her schedule, so she makes me train using the Cindy Crawford Total Body Workout video, which is phenomenal to say the least! It uses very low weights and mostly body weight, so you really tone up beautifully! So far, I love this!! And if you are on the go, they have a ten-minute workout you can do anytime anywhere! Thank you Alya!!

Cindy Crawford Total Body Workout Available at Virgin Megastores and Target


13 Responses to “How I’m Getting Into Shape, Post Pregnancy!”

  1. Heyy!!

    I was an OBESE child! The cindy crawford next challenge workout dvd helped me lose all the weight! I got fit, flexible and strong! I also kept it off with the total body workout (LOVE IT!) Its so easy to follow and never gets boring with her awesome outfit and scenery changes!

    You might wanna try her “new dimension” dvd.. She filmed it after child birth especially for new moms.. Heard its great!

    Good luck and don’t forget- you’re a new mommy so you need all the good food and healthy workouts you could get!

    Lots of love

  2. Not everyone is obsessed with exercising? Shocking! You’re doing great, very proud of you!! Keep it up!!! You will reach your goal real soon! Love you!!!

    • 3 Attia

      My baby is THE BEST. love you xXxx ❤

  3. 4 Lenaro

    Hudz, are u breastfeeding? I exclusively breastfeed & eat right,and it helped tremendously. It takes a lot of energy to make breastmilk so u burn calories with each nursing. Also, u contract ur ovaries while nursing so it reduces in size to pre preggo size in 6 weeks post delivery. Hope this helps.

    • I have to agree with Lenaro, I’ve heard (from my Mother, Grandmother and other sources) Breast feeding is what matters. Christina Aguilera said she lost all the baby weight just by breast feeding. Plus, you can trust Lenaro coz Lenaro is pretty hot, her body is amazing it looks like she was never pregnant *MashaAllah* :P! Girlll you is smokin hot! Huda you is smokin hot too, doesn’t look like you gained baby weight. Alya go easy on my Hud hud! XO

  4. 6 xMiiMiiyax

    Oh my God! Mum is using the same CD! After her pregnancy she wanted to lose weight, she bought the Cindy Crawford CD!! It’s amazing!! I totally recommen it ^^

  5. 7 bonkasaurus

    I need to start dieting, i don’t eat unhealthy but I eat ALOT and frequently.

    -Bianca at

  6. 8 bamshi

    good for you! ps you are always gorgeous whether its pre-pregnancy or post
    also did you sister Mona lose weight? she looks so slim in your Nu Skin video review.. btw how does she style her hair? she has the perfect wavy hair ! 🙂
    thanks again for the amazing blog posts

  7. way to gooooo!

  8. always wanted to have cindy craw fords body… now if only there was a way to get her mole…

  9. If you’re interested, I’ve been trying a ton of workouts recently and Jillian Michael’s ‘Banish Fat Boost Metabolism’ is insane. I still can’t get through the whole thing. It’s non-stop intense cardio divided into 7 circuits so you can do some or all of them over 45 minutes. I’m already seeing a difference.

    • Thanks baby!! Always interested and I love Jillian Michaels!! I will def pick it up!!! 🙂 Xxxxx

  10. 13 Kirstiie

    Love the nails!

    Kirstiie @ Tribe of Mannequins

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