Fab or Fad | Paper Lashes!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

As most of you probably know already, lashes are my number one obsession with makeup! I have been known to travel with a suitcase nearly full of just lashes and I have no problem admitting that! As much as I love lashes, I’m not so sure I am into one of the latest trends to hit the beauty counter–Paper Lashes. The brand is called PAPERSELF and it has been a serious anticipated product. I get it, it’s new it’s funky, a little weird, buuut I’m not so sure I would try it. Personally, I love makeup that is beautifying and to me, it’s a bit weird and while some of the designs are cool, some are slightly tacky. What do you guys think? Are you buying into the hype?


8 Responses to “Fab or Fad | Paper Lashes!”

  1. Those are beautiful! I wouldn’t wear them simply because I’m not even brave enough to wear normal fake lashes!! Maybe if I had an excuse, like a costume party or something….

  2. 2 Cici

    I think these would look great in a photoshoot or something but not so much from day to day, or even at night, they’d just look strange…

  3. 3 typefashion

    Not a fab fad I would say 🙂


  4. 4 Zaynab

    Great for Halloween or Carnaval!

  5. 5 M

    I’d have to say I would only wear them for a costume party, halloween, an etc. I wouldn’t wear them for every day where
    Its the best for dressing up

  6. haha…! Never say never but NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOL ;p

  7. I think I’ll go with everything you said… Make-up should beautify us… This is a bit weird! Maybe for a crazy party… But still, it’s not my type..

  8. 8 renren

    i LOVE them!

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