The World’s Tiniest Waist Inspires Fashion?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am so happy that for the first time in a long time, women are celebrating their curves again! It seems like models are getting too thin for their own good, and I like that publications like Vogue Italia are making a difference by launching sites like their new curvy site. But let’s be real, thin will always influence fashion and sometimes it is artistic, as in the September cover and it’s unrealistic inspiration.

The inspiration comes from Ethel Granger who has the record for the world’s tiniest waist of 13 inches. While I think it’s kind of a cool picture, I have to wonder how this might affect young women who might not understand the picture is not realistic–maybe a young girl who wants to model. I’m not sure, but I can imagine myself as a young girl thinking this is what fashion magazines look for in a model, especially one that should be on a cover. Maybe it’s just fun and just artsy, but as always, there is a social responsibility, so I’m just curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are about this cover.


15 Responses to “The World’s Tiniest Waist Inspires Fashion?”

  1. 1 suumii94

    omg!!!!!! this is so unhealthy and so unfashionable…. hw the hell could they even think it beautiful

  2. 2 Reema

    Is that even real

  3. 3 Mona

    It is real, as matter of fact, her husband is behind it all…. it’s so sick…

  4. 4 stell

    That looks sick :s and ugly to me. I don’t think we should worry about young girls wanting to look like that, they most probably prefer having megan fox’s waist. That’s even unhealthy for their internal organs wth :s

  5. 5 bonkasaurus

    oh my goodness. thats ridiculous! wooow. Fashion finds inspiration in the oddities that show up on earth, and I believe this is one of them. I would not recommend women to aspire to look like this, but it’s still an interesting aspect to this woman.

    -Bianca at

  6. 6 Mary Monroe

    I think this cover is disgusting. A girl with brains aspiring to be a model shouldn’t find this attractive whether it’s made the front cover of a magazine or not. There is nothing about this that is influential but rather terrifying.

  7. Ya mama! She actually really scares me :$ 😮

  8. 8 Mel

    i think she’s obviously not too skinny because aside from her waist, all other body parts seem to be average size. i think it’s good to embrace all ways of being different. yeah it’s good to embrace plus size models and being curvy, but it’s also good to embrace women who have a body shape as extreme as this one shown. if the increased use of plus size models isn’t seen to promote childhood obesity, i don’t think the use of women with abnormally small waists should be seen to embrace childhood anorexia either..

    • Great point!

  9. This is so gross… I can’t even look at the picture without my stomach turning.

  10. 11 The Rebecca Elliston

    Ohhh god that must have been painful to achieve! oooowwww

  11. 12 Dalia


  12. 13 Mia

    Its scary honestly!!m a fan of small waists but this is too much for me!Though yeah thumbs up to the lady’s effort!!

  13. 14 Leena

    This is uber scary! Like a car accident victim with her guts ripped out! Far from fashionable – she just didnt know where to draw the line!

  14. 15 renren

    she LOOKs avant garde. i wouldn’t do this to myself, but i don’t think it’s sick or scary, i’m intrigued

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