Domestic Violence Beautified?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Although I write about controversial shoots, I am usually not one to take them too seriously. However, the most recent trend for domestic violence have kind of got under my skin. I’m sure some people would think it is not a big deal, but I don’t think women who have been abused should be reminded of what they went through. The Editorial with Heather Morris and the ad for Fluid Hair salon are both using domestic violence to stir up controversy and get attention and I kind of wish they wouldn’t. I feel it is at the expense of the women who have been abused and it’s not right. When I first saw the Editorial with Heather Morris, I thought it was not the best idea for an editorial, but after seeing the ad for Fluid Hair salon, I’m kind of annoyed that this is almost becoming a trend in editorials. I really hope it doesn’t! What do you guys think?


18 Responses to “Domestic Violence Beautified?”

  1. 1 rona

    that is disgusting, i work for an organization that helps women who have experienced domestic violence and these ads push women down instead of lift them up.

  2. 2 AK

    I agree. What possessed them to do something like that?There is absolutely nothing “beautiful” about domestic violence. It’s very insensitive towards domestic violence victims.

  3. 3 zuhra

    this is so unacceptable!!!

  4. 4 sallymmm

    Growing up in a home were dad would beat up mom every nite for many years. These ads makes me sick to my stomach, how the hell is this ok?! Who’s the dumbass to think of this idea to Glam up domestic violence, nothing Glam about! I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder bcuz of the shit I saw as a kid. All these ads do is rekindle those ugly memories, these ads are wrong! And need to be taken down!

  5. a big no!
    who comes up with these things anyway?!

    ‘s’ is for sadia

  6. this is just complete Bull$hit.. the beauty industry really goes too far sometimess!!!

  7. 7 selma abubaker

    i hate this , it reminds me of a dark time in my life , i have been there not by my husband he god bless him saved me but by my mom who took every chance to beat me ,
    and to use this in an AD is so wrong in so many levels , i feel so sad and depressed just looking at it , this is so insensitive

  8. 8 Attia

    This is really unacceptable. It’s very annoying what they are coming up with. Only victim knows how it feels like to be abused 😦 and there is nothing beautiful in this.

  9. Sometimes I wonder who exactly is spiking there water at these places… I mean Really? there has to be a line!

  10. 10 typefashion

    Totally not cool, can not believe any body would even think of making a joke, and it is sad for a victim and anyone who has a loved one who has experienced anything like that! So insensitive !

    Fashion goes forward not back to dark times ! This pictorial is not highlighting the trues essence of fashion forward!


  11. 11 renren

    no no no this is just sick! the problem is media is making alot of wrong things normal. Getting stinking drunk, over sexualizing women, swing clubs and alot of other things have been made normal through repepitive entertainment media exposure. to have domestic violence used like this is sick.

  12. 12 Mary Monroe

    I don’t like the idea.. once again it seems like the media is trying to control and change the way we think. I believe some girls would find domestic violence ok or fine when viewing photo shoot, and that’s not ok.

  13. 13 maha

    This is totally wrong.. It is very disturbing.. No one wants to be reminded of such things in any way !

  14. Completely wrong and disgusting. Identify the parent company: boycott all of their products/services and write letters to the CEO’s demanding an end to this and an apology.

  15. OMG!!! Ridiculous!!! I’m appalled!

  16. 16 Samira

    As human these people have become too greedy to any kindda attention that they’d go to any lengths to do just that!
    I think this is blatantly sick & insensitive to make this out to be “glam”.
    It means these mentally disturbed people are encouragin abusers. Its wrong on so many levels & its sad for the victims to have their wounds (physical as well as mental) publicized in this grotesque manner. God Help Mankind 😦

  17. 17 Hanan

    Thank you for shedding light on this Huda. It reminds us that domestic violence DOES happen ALOT, and it is NEVER beautiful. In any way or form. It’s horrid and evil. I’ve heard of peers that make excuses for overly “protective” partners/fathers and try to say that it’s love–and that they actually have come to “appreciate” the care. BS! Nothing about abuse should EVER be glamorized. This is so disgusting I want to scream! We mustn’t forget our role to stand against such negative messages. Thanks again Huda for taking a stand and letting your readers know–ABUSE IS NEVER BEAUTIFUL.

  18. 18 Nowrin

    This is just absurd and very disturbing.

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