Backstage Beauty NYFW


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I love this time of year! Oh yes, it’s Fashion Week, which means it’s time for new beauty trends to hit the runway for all of us to be inspired by! I am sooooo loving the trends so far this year, I feel like they are totally calling my name! Which one is your favorite?

Vibrant Lips Richard Chai
Of course wearing lips this loud might be a little hard for every girl to pull off, myself included, but we see it every season, super bright and bold lips that make a statement. If you do feel like rocking a powerful purple pout, check out Lime Crime Cosmetics, I have to warn you, the color does not remove easily! They simply never go out of fashion! Check out my favorite hot pink lips and how to create them!

Super Shimmer Doo.Ri
I love Shimmer and I am sooo happy it was such a hit at Fashion Week this season! Literally there were dozens of designers who opted for natural and dewy looking skin using shimmer! I am going to be posting about my favorite highlighters that can easily be used to create this look!

Stained Lips Prabal Gurung
This is a slight exaggeration of a lip stain, but you can easily create one that is perfect to wear out! All you need to create this look, you can use Max Factor Lip Tint in Royal Plum (I actually just got this and I will def do a review once I try it!)

Heavy Cat Liner Ruffian
To achieve look, you can simply apply a heavy cat liner using liquid or gel eyeliner, I love the Illamasqua Precision Ink Liner as well as the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. Click here to watch my video on how to create the perfect cat liner!

Super Thick Braids Ruffian
Although it seems that braids of any sort are in (it literally dominated the catwalk) I am totally LOOVING this thick over-sized braid. Of course adding some extensions helps create this look!

Cement Gray Nails Rag and Bone
I have been obsessed with gray nails since I saw Lady GaGa on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar with those gorgeously gray Deborah Lipman Nails. Gucci Westman (who I got to work with for the last London Fashion Week) created this gorgeous look and accentuated the entire assemble with cement gray nails! Loving it!! Revlon will be releasing this nail polish soon! Can’t wait!!

6 Responses to “Backstage Beauty NYFW”

  1. 1 Zaynab

    Love NUDE color! BTW, I ordered the GHD flat iron when I saw ur post, I wanted for a long time but never got it. This is a statement to show u how valuable your opinion is to us!
    Thank u <3!
    P.S: I hope that u will do my wedding make up…;-)

    • Awww!!! Zaynab!!! You are so freakin adorable!!i I hope so too darling!!! 🙂 I am sure you will be the most beautiful bride!!

  2. essie’s chinchilly is also a great grey color…
    BTW…I gave you a blog award. Go to my blog to see how.
    You really inspire me and you are so talented and beautiful

    • Thank you so much!! Tried to find you on twitter to give you some love, but I couldn’t:( Just tweeted you blog’s site, I really love it!!! 🙂

  3. 5 Mary Monroe

    My fav is the shimmer and cat liner… Although I usually wear a cat liner bright bold lips like the colors above i know i couldn’t pull off

    • I lloooooove bold liners with bright lips!!! 🙂 HOTTTT!!!!!!

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