Beyonce Sizzles in Harper’s Bazaar


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hot mama Beyonce looks seriously hottt on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar for November. As hot as the bootilicious bombshell may look, the article is really amazing! Beyonce talks about how she decided to reveal her pregnancy, saying

“I was extremely nervous. It was the toughest red carpet I ever did. I didn’t want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news,” she continues, “so I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump. I felt it was more powerful to see the love and enthusiasm as opposed to saying anything.”

It might sound crazy, but Beyonce tried on 70 dresses before landing on the Orange Lanvin that she famously wore to announce her pregnancy!

Here are the photos from the article and my favorite quote by Tom Ford, but the it’s a must read!

“Beyoncé is a force,” adds Tom Ford, for whom she modeled in his celeb-packed Spring 2011 show, a major salvo in her high-fashion assault. “She radiates positive energy. That is what true stars do. You feel it when you are around her, you feel it when you see her perform, you feel it when she sings, and you feel it when she looks you in the eyes and smiles.”


3 Responses to “Beyonce Sizzles in Harper’s Bazaar”

  1. 1 Mahnoor

    she does look hot but her legs have def. been photoshopped a bit much!

  2. she’s amazing!! please check out my giveaway over at http://fashionbeautyglamour.blogspot,com

  3. 3 Sahar

    That is so photoshopped. Her legs even at her lowest weight have neve been thin. She has always had muscular legs. Sorry she doesn’t have that space in between legs. I love beyonce the singer but the woman’s body is always photoshopped just like all other celebs.

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