Huda’s Weekend Fragrance


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I try so many perfumes and I get invited to a lot of fragrance launches that I thought it only makes sense to let you guys know my thoughts about them and announce when new ones are launching! So my pick for this weekend is Angel! It’s such an amazing scent! I remember the first time I smelt it I thought it is the most exotic and seductive blend of musk and vanilla! It’s one that no matter how fast girls walk by you in the mall, you know exactly what they are wearing! It’s so unique and it really stands alone!

Thierry Mugler has now been relaunched a new addition to the Angel family, Angel Circle. Angel Circle is very similar to the traditional angel, except it’s slightly lighter in fragrance and it’s unisex. No matter how they launch it, as long as the Angel mix is there, I’m one happy perfumista! 🙂


3 Responses to “Huda’s Weekend Fragrance”

  1. 1 farahsha

    hey huda thanks alot for bloging it… where can i find it in dubai?
    PS i am addicted to your blog

  2. 2 Sandra

    I agree 😀 This week I also loved Sensuous by Estee Lauder and Candy by Prada, so unique and yummy! 😉

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    Have you heard of the perfume Kilian it’s from France, Kilian is the fifth generation of the founder of Henessey. My friend and I were picking out a fragrance for her boyfriend and Kilian has a lot of unisex perfumes so the smell was unique and different it was hard to choose which one… But we smelled so many that after we picked Kilian Back to black, after we left we felt so dizy and not normal… The ingredients have enfolding balsamic notes of Oud, a legendary wood said to be worth more than its weight in gold. HIs perfumes are influenced by the sugar in alcohol, so the back to black perfume had a tobacco aroma, one is inspired by absinithe.. We smelled so many at once because we couldn’t choose but no wonder why we felt out of this world.

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