Kimmy’s Milkshake Kraziness


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It was serious madness this weekend at Dubai Mall and even though I had been given VIP tickets to both Kim Kardashian events, it was way too crazy for my liking! Personally, I love her makeup and I think she is super sweet, but for me, I could never do that again! The crowd was hectic to say the least, I have never seen anything like this in Dubai and it’s no wonder! Considering there were fans from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and other parts of the world there to see Kimmy! I think even she was overwhelmed by all the love!

I do have to say, I really loved meeting so many fans of my blog there as well:) That was definitely worth being there! I met fans from Kuwait, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi and it was just so amazing to see you guys and take photos, you guys completely made my night! Here are some photos from the event, although you really can’t capture the craze in just a photo!

Photos of Kim, credit Pintsizedfashionista, if you do use these photos, please be sure to credit their blog!

Also, I know everyone has their opinion about Kim and other controversial celebs, but please keep comments as positive as possible!


25 Responses to “Kimmy’s Milkshake Kraziness”

  1. 1 Asma

    You look good…Love your Blazers! Wondering where’d you get them from? 🙂
    Hope you had a great time!

    • Dear Asma, its LadyFozaza blazers.
      For international orders you can only get it through Walkin Closet-Kuwait.

      Kindly email us on

      Thank you

      Walkin Closet

  2. You sisters are too stunning! ❤
    And those Fozaza blazers..oufff! LOVE <3!

    xo, E.

  3. 4 Monika

    you look better than Kim K. 🙂

  4. 5 Rinu

    Huda, it’s awesome that you met ur idol, but please allow the comments section to be just that. A comment. Positive or negative, it’s just an opinion. It’s uplifting to see that ur a positive blogger and I’m sure ur like that in person all the time but we all have an opinion. My opinion is that Kim k is over-materialistic and is not the best role model for young tweens, teens, and young adults.

  5. 6 Vuska

    Is the girl in abaya ur sis as well??she is very pretty 🙂

  6. 7 typefashion

    I love the way you look in the orange blazer !


  7. I am glad I saw you!!! its a pleasure;) Xx

  8. 9 Al Ghaliyah Al Thani

    You look much much more beautiful then bloody Kim kardashian…

  9. 10 Ava

    Your bracelets are fab. where r they from? xx

  10. 11 Sara

    The girl is the abaya is gorgeous!

  11. 12 Sha

    Why dont you have a photo with kim k ?

  12. 13 Dandan

    Hey Huda i’ve been trying to find out where you guys get the Fozaza blazers. I live in the states, but I’m back and forth between NY and the UAE. Can you please let me know how to get my hands on these blazers?? Thankss!


    • Dear Dandan for international orders you can only get it through Walkin Closet-Kuwait.

      Kindly email us on

      Thank you

      Walkin Closet

  13. 16 z

    Wow, urs and k’s features are alot alike, BOTH ARE GORGEOUS<3

  14. 17 Glitters

    love the first pic.. beautiful ladies

  15. I saw the video it looked pretty hectic! Glad you had a good time! Love the blazers xx

  16. 19 Mary Monroe

    I loveeeeee your ring! it’s so cute where is it from? You looked gorgeous, your outfit rocked. I would of liked to see a picture with you and Kim k together.. If you were VIP how come you didn’t take a picture with her?

  17. 20 M Al Dossary

    I love your blazer, can you please tell me where its from or if it can be ordered online? Xxx

    • Dear M, for international orders you can only get it through Walkin Closet-Kuwait.

      Kindly email us on

      Thank you

      Walkin Closet

  18. 22 HUDA#1FAN

    you girls look GORGEOUS! ugh why are arab girls soo pretty! loves it! u and mona have amaze style!

  19. 23 sf. al nuaimy

    who is the girl wearing abaya? her eyes are seductive. mashalla gorgeous

  20. 24 Vanessa

    I am in love with KK’s red dress, does anyone have an idea where its from?

    • its Alexander McQueen resort 2011

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