Plastic Surgery of the Future–Stiletto Implant?!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

My first thought when seeing this photo was ‘WTH!’, which quickly became ‘Oh God, I hope this is not real!’ While the photo is not real, the predictions of women soon to be implanting stiletto heels into their soles for extra height and an attractive posture sounds crazy enough that I thought maybe one person somewhere might try it. From a fashion perspective (from every view point really), this is completely ridiculous, but it has been duped as something women will try in the future for added attractiveness.

If this is a true prediction of where we are heading, I’m scared! And of course they come in different heights! Louboutinesque super high and the super comfortable kitten heel! Would anybody actually try this? Seriously?

image credits bitrebels


30 Responses to “Plastic Surgery of the Future–Stiletto Implant?!”

  1. 1 rona

    that is way too creepy!

  2. 2 nihad

    omg! couldn’t look at the photos for long!! :S

    • 3 Rinu

      I couldnt agree w u more!

  3. 4 Kalizya

    Gross! God willing highly unlikely, although you can’t hold it past certain people who have a warped self perception.

  4. 5 Mary Monroe

    This is ridiculous and creepy.. Honestly I’m only 5 foot and i love my heels but I would never do this to my feet, at the end of the day I’d love for my feet to relax and thinking of having permanent heels at the bottom of my foot is just nonsense.

  5. 6 Farah

    OMG! This is SOOOOOOOOOO scary and completely ridiculous! Its not being fashionable, but creepy! I have studied shoe designing and will NEVER appreciate such psychosis, even if it has to be a semi permanent heels on women. I couldn’t stand that pic for more than a second. Period!!!!!

  6. 7 Lamya

    Omg this is sick

  7. 8 typefashion

    OMG ! Ridiculous that we would even consider it ! But I would not be surprised in the next couple of decades !

    Personally I would hope we never reach that stage !


  8. 9 Pat

    I am a fan from Sterling Heights, MI. I found your blog randomly on the web. I enjoy coming here because not only do you give great beauty tips, but it’s admirable how dedicated you are to your passion and fans. Also, reading your response to “What advice can you give women out there to remain beautiful?” seriously shows what an amazing ❤ you have. Good luck with all you do, and thank you for being a positive role model! xoxo

  9. 10 Manal

    Huda please answer this: are you the girl in the Advertisement for Abu Dhabi Youth forum???

  10. 11 missquoted

    Wow, there really is no limit to trying to make people physically attractive! It makes me sick to think people try to “man-make” human evolution! Beauty has become a completely different defintion for many, this litterally makes me sick to my stomach! I want the good old days back, where a beautiful smile is all one needed! ahhhh

  11. 12 Hanan

    Disgusting much?
    DId they think of this? When you make feet like that, what kind of a shoe are you supposed to put on? Geniuses.

  12. OMG …. this is insane….

  13. 14 Tala

    Who is actually THAT crazy to do that?! Hurts the eyes!

  14. 15 abby

    this looks absolutely disgusting! it really does hurt my eyes!!! whoever does this is LOCA!

  15. awww! that’s looks too scary

  16. Eeeekkk!! The lengths some people would go through just to look good is no surprise to me. Slowly and gradually, we’re pushing the boundaries into the extreme so I wouldn’t be surprised if this became a reality.

  17. 18 gego



  19. 20 ArKi

    That’s so disturbing! Heck NO!

  20. I think its grose to say the least & even if you thought to yourself it’s attractive, I think very few men would agree. They do love stilletos, but tgey want the kind they can dream of ripping off of you if you’ll let them. This however is just a weird turnoff in my view. Sorry! But no likie!

  21. wow who would get that done if ever such a procedure existed?? I wouldn’t put it past some people, but its honestly going too far!

  22. 23 selma

    this is totally freakish stuff i would never do this to self (( even though i am only 165 cm , i love my high and i am proud to be short ))

  23. You wont even be able to WEAR heels anymore if you get this done to your feet. Unless they make a hollow heel where your nasty foot heel can get through. I dont even know why Im commenting on this post, sooooo ridiculous! hahaha

  24. 25 Mais

    This is nasty .. I will just stick to wearing normal heels

  25. Yummah this is so freaky! Big stiletto lover myself but no no no to this hehe!

  26. 27 bonkasaurus

    OMG that is scary looking. I could never imagine living my life in heels… what if i was being chased i wouldn’t have the option of taking off my shoes and running. eeeek

    -Bianca at

  27. 28 Reema

    I’m lost for words how is this even comfortable and yet attractive

  28. 29 Tata

    oooooohhhhhhhhhh….no way…its so ugly…and NOT attractive at all…Thanks for sharing Huda lovely…

  29. 30 YES

    eeewww this is sooo creepy lol

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