WINNERS!! CONTEST!! Giorgio Armani Lipstick + Lipgloss


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am soooooo loving the Giorgio Armani Lipsticks and their newly launch lipglosses! I have actually been using their lipstick for a while, you might have seen it in my tutorials, but I just tried the rest of their colors and OMG!!! Every single color is amazing!  Every girl MUST try them, especially 400! Seriously!! I am so excited because Giorgio Armani and Huda Beauty are giving away 6 Lipsticks + Lipglosses to 3 winners! Each winner will get one lipgloss and one lipstick!

All you have to do is the following:

1 ) Tell Me what Giorgio Armani Product you love the most and why (if you haven’t tried one yet, the one you want to try and why)

2) MUST be subscribed to

Good luck guys!! Contest ends Wednesday at 11PM (Dubai Time)

Congrats to the following girls! I will be emailing you now, so please check your emails!!


I read all of your comments, but I just can never pick the winners, so I always use to pick the numbers! there will be more competitions, so stay posted!! Make sure you guys have subscribed! There were a few girls who weren’t and sadly, they were chosen and not eligible:(


107 Responses to “WINNERS!! CONTEST!! Giorgio Armani Lipstick + Lipgloss”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    Hopefully this contest isn’t just for residents living in Dubai, I’ve been waiting for a contest 🙂

    1). The Giorgio Armani product I love is the luminous silk foundation, It’s not a heavy foundation, it makes your skin glow and look so smooth like silk :-).

  2. 2 Wynell

    The Giorgio Armani product I would love to try is the #401 Rouge d’Armani Lipstick because I love the color orange and I can never find the right orange for me and this one looks like it would work = )

  3. 3 Zaynab

    Hey Huda!

    I’ve never tried any lipsticks or lipgloss from GA, but I’ve been using for 3 years now their Face Fabric, which is TO DIE FOR, and their fluid sheer.
    I will recommend these two products to any girl who wants to achieve the perfect second skin nude look with a tint of sheer illumination on the cheeks.
    I just love these products. I use them not only on a daily basis, but also when I am having a night out, I just add more of the Fluid Sheer illuminator.

    I hope this helps!

  4. 4 Sakia

    I would love to try the one you are loving (400) beacause it looks FAB, and every girl needs to have killer red lipstick

  5. 5 basma

    I’ve tried their foundation and it has an amazing air brush finish

  6. 6 Larisa

    Giorgio Armani – Eyes to Kill… the mascara to die for!

    I have never seen a more beautiful mascara package… The grey embossed metal is beautiful… It gives me amazing volume, curl, length and it does not smudge! It makes my lashes look sooo full and soooo dark… I totally LOVE it!
    The absolute best mascara I’ve ever tried! : )

  7. 7 Sandy v

    I would love to try that red lipstick. I havent yet tried any of there products. But I sure want to those colors look amazing.

  8. 8 theamanirani

    I love their foundation its a must have for me. I have never tried the lipstick but the pink looks great

  9. 9 Vildan

    Ohhh I would love to WIN one, I always loved the lipsticks u use in your tutorials!
    As a college student am always on a budget, so unfort I never tried an Armani product. * fingers-crossed* 🙂

  10. Hello Huda,

    I have tried Giorgio Armani’s mascara Eyes to Kill Excess mascara and it’s Amazing. I love the fact how lengthing it is and it makes my lashes full and thick. The next Giorgio Armani product I want to try is the primer. 🙂

  11. 11 Deepti S.

    I would love to try Armani products…but there pretty pricey….I heard their mascara Eyes to Kill and foundations are simply amazing. If I could i’d love to try either one! Thanks for having this contest~!

  12. Giorgio Armani – Eyes to Kill… the mascara to die for!

    I have never seen a more beautiful mascara package… The grey embossed metal is beautiful… It gives me amazing volume, curl, length and it does not smudge! It makes my lashes look sooo full and soooo dark… I totally LOVE it!
    The absolute best mascara I’ve ever tried! : )

  13. 13 Stephanie L

    I would love to try Armani’s fluid master primer

  14. 14 Hadil

    The Giorgio Armani product I absolutely LOVE is the Armani Code Pour Femme,(I believe you were the one who recommended it).
    It’s sexy and very feminine, Always get compliments on it.

  15. 15 wesal

    I have the eye concealer and the foundation I like them becasue simply it’s just right for me,and Giorgio Armani products are always hight quality and I love it ^^

  16. 16 Pat

    Hi Huda! Hope you’re doing well. This is the first blog I’ve subscribed to so it’s fun to participate in this!

    Anyway, I’d really like to try the “CREMA NERA REVIVING EYE COMPACT”. In my opinion, a woman’s eyes are the most beautiful feature. They truly are windows to the soul so taking good care of them is essential. A lot of stress and exhaustion shows in a person around their eyes. Plus, makeup looks a lot better on a well cared for and smooth base! It’s quite pricy so I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m confident it would be one of the best anti-aging eye creams!

  17. 17 Naythar

    With your recommendation,I have the Eyes to Kill Excess mascara and it is the best mascara I have ever tried hands down.It gives me such long and thick lashes. I would love to also try the Face Fabric as I heard such good things about it.

  18. My favorite by far is GAs Designer Shaping Cream Foundation along with fluid master primer .. These two are my secret to flawless skin with excellent coverage without the weight or the caky look

  19. 19 Sylvia

    I love the face fabric and the luminous silk powder! Also, the Armani mascara primer is amazing!

  20. 20 N

    I love the eyeshadows from the Eyes to Kill line. They come in these small pots and are truly rich in color and gave amazing staying power. To top it all they have the satin effect and glide over the eyes without any effort. Its the best out if the entire line!

  21. 21 Alya

    eyes to kill ❤
    for the dramatic look it gives..

  22. 22 Maryam S

    My favorite is the Eyes to kill excess mascara. Ever since I saw Megan fox ads, I wanted to buy it, then on my bday I got gifted one and haven’t used another mascara since (2 months and counting):)

  23. 23 Mai

    I love Giorgio Armani’s Sheer Bronzer in #2 which is now discontinued.. It’s an amazing rosey bronze which gives you that sunkissed look.. I’m so bummed they discontinued it..

  24. 24 Paloma

    I honestly love them all lol.

  25. 25 Noshida

    Hi Huda!
    After reading your blogs about the Armani primer, I treid the primer and absolutley love it! It gives my skin a silky smooth feeling and a flawless look! Foundation and facepowder look much much better after using the primer. Thanks for sharing!! Love you and your blogs!! ❤

  26. 26 monalisa ahmed

    i love giorgio armani eyes to kill shadows its so pigmented i could wear it without packing eyeshadow on top

  27. 27 Agatha

    Hey Huda

    First I would like to thank you for the great beauty tips !! I really love your blog.

    The Giorgio Armani I love the most is eyes to kill excess mascara
    The volume this mascara provides to my lashes is exceptional . I put on several coats when I want a really dramatic look and works ! GA eyes to kill mascara gives a tailored elegance, power, and sex appeal to my lashes. 🙂

  28. 28 Rachael Alvarado

    Hello Huda!!! I’ve just become an avid follower of yours a few weeks ago and I’m recruiting ppl for u also 🙂 lol thank u for ALL of your tips they’re greatly needed and appreciated…although I don’t have the funds to purchase anything Armani I would love to try their foundation because I can’t leave the house without foundation (I feel naked, which is probably a bad thing). Actually scratch that I would love to try any of their products, anything from armanis line would be a treat for me 🙂
    Thank you for the contest… MUAH!!

  29. 29 Maheen

    Hey huda please please I really wanna win this contest Neva win anything and always take part in all competitions of urs, I would be honest to I haven’t use any of their cosmetics yet, but have heard about their lipstick and want to use since I know they are long-stay-on and very vibrant colors and I def need to change my traditional way of makeup lOok and I believe lips are most prominent feature so I wanna change my typical lip colors browns to some lively colors of good brand. Thanks for bringing up hudie I love u..

  30. 30 Angelica Rodriguez

    I have never tried any Giorgio Armani products but I would like to buy the Luminous silk foundation. I hear really good reviews about it and im gonna need a good foundation because im gona be a mommy pretty soon so Im gona need to cover up dark circles lol

  31. 31 Dalia Hilmy

    Hi Huda!
    I’ve tried the Eyes to Kill Excess mascara and it’s the best one I’ve tried so far. It adds volume, and lengthens lashes in such a sexy’s to die for!
    As for the next product I’d like to get my hands on, it should be the primer and a few shades of gorgeous lipsticks.

  32. Hey huda! Great contest!

    The lipsticks and lipglosses look amazing! I’m loving the red one!

    I really want to try the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Liquid Highlighter. I heard it gives your skin an amazing glow when mixed with foundation.

    I’m a sucker for glowy, dewy finishes 🙂 xx

  33. 33 Deann

    Hey Huda,
    Well I still havnt tried any Armani products as it honestly is on the pricier side for me(still in college hehe). Since I am a sucker for eyeshadows I’d definitely love to try the ones from their ‘Eyes to Kill’ range. Love how gorgeous the colors are and how pigmented they are. So yeah that would be one of the products I’d love to try! ♥♥ xx

  34. 34 Sian Cook

    Hi Huda,

    I’ve never tired Giorgio Armani make up before, but I would love to try their eyes to kill creme eyeshadows! They look so pigmented an pretty! It would be really cool to mess around with them and see how they blend well over and under other eyeshadows!

    P.S. I really like the shade of lip product in img_4182 …. looks like a fun colour 🙂

    Ta 🙂

  35. 35 Mandy

    I tried one of the lipgloss before, unlike other lipglosses, Giorgio Armani lipgloss has lasting power. Even after you wipe it off, you can still see the colour! Love it.

  36. I own exactly one GA product – it’s their limited edition lipgloss in Innocence. It’s the most gorgeous baby pink gloss ever and it’s seriously the best I’ve used! I’d LOVE to try more!
    I’m also subscribed to your blog!

  37. 37 Amna

    I love makeup and love to try new products I never tried any of Armanis products and it would be really interesting to try some besides all the colors look amazing *-*

  38. 38 maha


    The products that I used and was totally in love with were the lipstick and nail polish from the million hits party give aways ❤ the lipstick was so creamy and didn't cause my lips to dry like the other lipstick that I use.. I would loooooooooove to have it ! The pinkish light colours are so natural and pwetty :p

    Anyhoo thanxxx xx

  39. 39 Shikah

    Hi gorgeous .. I wonder if u’ve revieved my email or not !! I was asking if u have beauty salon coz I really want to have ur touch on my face next month 🙂

  40. 40 Lina

    Hudaaaaa….. I love the Giorgio Armani primer fluid.. Why??? Cz I try (as much as I can) to get the products that u suggest even though sometimes hits my budget but I LOVE ITTTTTT….
    I am soooooooo subscribed to your blog….

  41. 41 Mye

    I haven’t tried any of GA cosmetic products, but I have a pair of GA sunglasses which I bought 2 years back and I’m still loving it! It never fades out of fashion, and is so classy! But definitely I would love to try the gloss d’armani downtown collection. Since I’m living in a country with high humidity, this will keep me hydrated, silky smooth feeling without any stickiness. And because I’, the type who forgets to retouch while at work, I need this since it remains true for eight hours without fading or migrating. I would really love to have it! 🙂

  42. 42 Muni

    After reading the reviews i really must try the eyes to kill mascara i love the luminous silk foundation cause it give good coverage and its light. i also bought the fluid master primer a week ago wow amazing ur right huda its amazing got so many compliments.
    have a great week

  43. 43 Adriana Plascencia

    The product i absolutly love is MAESTRO mascara. It is just amazing for thicker, fuller, and more dramatic eye look.. which is great for big and expressive eyes!

  44. Would love to try on the 400 lipstick as its been so hard to find the perfect red lipstick that would suit my skin tone! As you see a lot of girls sporting red lippies here in Dubai most of them usually end up looking cheap than chic, so if I’d have the chance, I would definitely love to find that perfect shade of red! ❤

  45. 45 rona

    Hi Huda!
    love your blog and youtube tutorials!
    my favorite is definitely Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill! best mascara I’ve ever tried and i would love to try out more Armani products!

  46. 46 Catherine

    I absolutely love Armani Eyes to Kill, my friend who is a complete false eye lash addict thought i was wearing fake eyelashes when i was wearing it one night!

  47. 47 Jen Mueller-Barton

    Wow! Thanks for the info on these beautiful products. I haven’t tried them yet but would love to try Beige 103,Gloss D’Armani. I’m doing the smokey eye thing a lot so I think this gloss would totally complete the look.

  48. 48 zain

    The mascara eyes to kill, but since GA makeup isnt available in jordan AT all, i dont know why, i wish i can try more of its product.

  49. 49 salama

    I always wanted to enter any contest but i was so afraid dunno why ,. but i love you and i love your posts and your tutorials so that i deiced to enter yours ,. I love luminous silk foundation and i always wanted to try it and when i did i fall in love with it’s so light with the best cover for my skin,. NEVER break my skin even now during my pregnancy ( which is a hard time to my skin) i can use it and make me glow the feel of it I get lost with the silky feel of it 😀 ,.

  50. 50 Maryoom

    Eyes to Kill mascara is THE best. I compared it to 2 other mascaras I have and Armani’s came out a winner. And there are so many girls who read ur blog that have tried it…it makes my lashes longer than usual. Love it.

  51. 51 Ashna

    Dear Huda,

    I am absolutely addicted to your make-up tutorials and your blog! Thank you for making us woman more prettier and aware of all the products that will make us shine even more 😉

    Giorgio Armani does not need any explanation, it is such a classy and professional brand…I wish I was Giorgio! I would defenitely love to try the lipstick+lipgloss beige 102. The reason I would love to try this this colour is because I would like to have perfect nude lips. If I win this contest I will send you a pretty picture of me with Giorgio on my lips!

  52. 52 rana

    i am wanting to try the eyes to kill shadow palette in steel black because it is perfect neutrals in a convenient compact and excellent quality 🙂

  53. 53 Attia

    I haven’t tried any GA product before but I would love to try GA eyes to kill mascara. I hope I can win this time because I am not in Dubai and can never take part in anything of urs. As I still wanna have those goodie bags which you have given on your million hits party and you have sent me an invitation message on FB but as I live in Sweden, I couldnt make it. But I still show off with that message to my friends that you have invited me lolzzzz. lots of love and success baby.
    Your biggest fan

  54. Hey Huda!

    Love the perfume Acqua di gio that my dad wears.

  55. 55 Tahreer A.

    The Giorgio Armani product that I love the most would have to be the “Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara”. I loved it as soon as I layed eyes on its chic black packaging, down to the slender wand applicator and spaced out bristles. It gives my lashes a deeply lacquered effect and instant full volume! It totally makes my heart and eyelashes flutter with joy! I totally urge everyone to try it out!

  56. 56 MJ

    My favorite is something I doubt is available in Dubai. It’s Armani’s latest Face Palette- it’s got 3 benefits in one- (1) face contouring powder, (2) cheek illuminator (or illuminate any part of the face and (3) blush.
    Isnt this a miracle product??? I don’t need to buy separate things anymore- it’s just the best thing ever.
    Pls Hudieee do a review of it whenever you get it. Ive read all positive reviews on beauty forums and I cant wait to try it once it hits the stores in Dubai

  57. 57 Fatma Saidi

    Hey Huda!
    Thanks for those great contest times :).
    Well, my favorit product of all time is definitely “Giorgio Armani foundation, face fabric second skin nude”. Seriously, this is THE BEST foundation ever. It literally melts into my skin and gives my skin the perfect look. It looks so natural. Another great thing, is their mascara “eyes to kill”. Omg, that product is aahhhmazing. Gave my lashes the perfect amount of volume and lenght.
    Otherwise Giorgio Armani are making great make-up, but a little bit expensive compared to other brands.

    Good luck to me and everyone 🙂

    P’s: Have been following you since you started your blog, so thanks for all the great things you are sharing with us!! You are really a great gift.
    Love you!

  58. 58 Mimi

    Hi Huda,

    I am so interested in trying the lipstick and gloss. To be honest, I have never bought a single Armani ite mostly because I am a student and can’t afford it. I have always heard about Armani lipsticks and it looks amazing on you. I would love to try it. Please choose me:) I have a wedding coming up that I think the lipstick and gloss would add such a punch to. I really would love this. Thanks so much:)

  59. 59 Hanna

    I would love to try GA shine lipstick in frozen rose! As well as 400 that red is so über chic!!!

  60. 60 belleF

    My favourite GA product I’ve tried is definitely the Eyes to kill mascara in black! I got it because you recommended it ofcourse , I always trust your opinion, tried so many of your favourites, such as Mac hug me lipstick , nivea eye makeup remover, clinique toner, philosophy purity cleanser, revlon lipgloss, Mac msf, and much more! & I love each and every one of them, now back to the mascara, I love how it makes my eyelashes look! so dramatic yet not clumpy! and it makes them look extremely long from the first coat only! LOVE! love your blog & I have been following you for almost a year now, I am a makeup addict myself hehe. Love you huda! You are beautiful!

  61. 61 VICTORIA

    Hi Huda !

    I totally love the Eyes to Kill Mascara it’s amazing and gives so much volume to my lashes, and the Aqua Di Gioa Parfum by GA of course it smells amazing and sweet.;)
    Lots of kisses sweetie hope to see you again soon

  62. 62 Nunu

    I want to try the Giorgio Armani Fluid Primer as I’ve heard that it helps make your skin look smooth and perfect!

  63. 63 hadeel

    Hi Huda,
    i like almost all the above colors but the one i love the most is Beige 102, its the only color i dare to try, i have thin lips red can’t suit them, but the glittery beige i guess will fill them up, and with my nice tan the beige colore will fire me up 🙂
    thx for the opportunity

  64. 64 AlyaMawaleed

    I was about to get one their lipsticks that i heard a lot of nice things about!! and they got great amount of moistrizer in it and soooo pigmented which i love about lipsticks.. am glad that you are giving them away. and hope that i win.. SUPER EXCITED ^^

    Thank you huda

  65. 65 Viba

    I love their lipsticks..they dont dry my lips out.

  66. 66 Mahnoor

    Thank you so much for having this competition!! Its awesome!!

    So I absolutely love the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation I developed really bad acne when I was younger and I’m so concsious of my skin now but at the same time I wanted something that wasn’t oily and heavy and yuck like many foundations are when I tried this foundation I fell in LOVE and I have never used any other foundation since then, for everyone who hasn’t tried please do!! It’s gives this dewy effect and its light weight and amazing!

    I also got the eyes to kill mascara because you my beauty guru recommended it! and I LOOOOVEEEE that mascara it really is the best mascara hands down!! It would be great if I could also win their lipstick and lipgloss to try because Im sure I will love them as well! The pictures look great! I love the pinky colors!
    Oh and Im subscribed 🙂

  67. 67 SarahAZ

    Hey Huda!!
    I love the Armani Face Fabric (I tried it courtesy of you!) because its so light but it still has great coverage for everyday use, its perrrfect for school. I’m also in love with their Luminous Silk Foundation, out of ALL the foundations I’ve tried that has to be my absoluteee favorite!

    Thank you so much xoxo

  68. 68 Amna

    I have the Eyes to Kill Mascara, which makes my lashes look like “Killer Lashes”! I love it and i cant do without it. Their corrector + concealer are super looong lasting and don’t budge which is just perfect for day and night. I have tried luminous silk foundation and it’s soo amazing it made my skin seem so soft “baby butt soft!”, I really want to buy that next, and I cant wait to try on their lipstick and lipgloss, I’m sure it’s going to be as brilliant as their other products!

    Amna S.

  69. 69 Tata


    I use 3 products of Armani, all suggested by you…Mascara, Eyes to kill, Face Fabric and Concealer…I love them all..the Mascara gives such a dramatic effect to my lashes while its super black and most of all it WASHES AWAY SO WELL!! Face fabric is very soft and its gives a flawless coverage to the face and keeps this effect for so long but sometimes it gets a bit shiny…the Concealer is also amazing as it doesn’t make the eye area stand out being too bright compared to the rest of the face…I always apply it first and when I add foundation, I touch upon it with my fingers to unify it with my face tone…I LOVE ARMANI…and am sooooo happy you introduced me to these products…mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuaaahhhh..LOVE U !!!!!

  70. 70 Alejandra M

    Hi Huda!

    First of all thank you so much for all the advice you put on your blog,it always works out for me ! and also I love your makeup tutorials..
    by far the best beauty blog on the web!

    The Armani product I love the most has to be Rouge D’armani in 401.
    It is the perfect red lipstick for my light/medium olive skin,it is super pigmented with the right amount of orange to make the lips really pop and it literally lasts ALL DAY LONG! even through lunch or drinks…best lipstick ever and so worth the price tag…makes me feel like a 1940s Hollywood siren 🙂

    Second product I love has to be the Luminous silk foundation.
    I have tried so many foundations from luxury to high street brands to find my perfect match but never did until I found the Armani Luminous silk foundation.It has a silky smooth feel when you apply it and gives you the most glowing youthful , healthy look…amazing product which lasts all day long and you don’t even need to use that much each time so it lasts forever!

    I have not tried the lip glosses but they look super hot on you
    I LOVE ARMANI beauty and with anything they produce you know you are getting the best!

    Thanks so much! xxxx Alex

  71. 71 Salama AL Muhairi

    I luv all their products .. really amazing *_*

  72. 72 Tala

    I have 2 products that i LOOOOOVE! First one is the Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia perfume (my definition of a feminine scent). I love this one because it smells sooo refreshing and light, which is great for all seasons. Plus, it lasts a really long time! 😀 the second product I can not live without is the Face Fabric. There come times where I don’t really feel like applying tons of make up on so this product is perfect for that situation. It gives a slight effect of rosy cheeks which beautifies the face.

    GA products are always a win so the winners of this competition will be truly lucky to go home with awesome colors!

  73. 73 Najla

    I am dying to try their products ,but, We don’t have it in our area. If i could try something definitely i`ll go with the mascara and lipsticks. lipsticks look insane on you. love you Hudie.

  74. i would love to try them cuz i never bought any of their product and i was looking forward to buy a Good lipstick for eid ,so i hope i got my hands on one 🙂 and the hot colour made me go WOw

  75. 75 Noon

    I just want to try the silk eyeshadow you blogged about. I love eyeshadows and have a few in my case but none from Armani.

  76. 76 maryam

    GA is toooo expensive..will never use their products.

  77. 77 warka90

    Hi Huda! I hope you’re doing well ^_^
    OMG! I love this contest .. I would like to enter this contest.

    I’ve to be honest with you and say I’ve nothing from giorgio armani, only one perfume I love! But I don’t have any make-up products. I’ve been saving up to buy a 37 – Sand Dune Beige. I want this one because I’ve small lips and I think that sand colored lipsticks makes small lips look kinda sexy 😛

    I would die to wear more redish lipsticks, but I am not confident about it, and I feel a bit unsecure besides red is not an everyday look, while the Beige/nude is an everyday look and I can wear it at uni and other places … Yes, I hope that was a proper answer 😀

    Looking forward to the result … and Good Luck to the other girls


  78. Wow a great contest Huda mwahzz

    Personally I don’t own anything Giorgio Armani, but would absolutely love to try their face fabric tinted moisturizer as I have heard it’s great for a matte soft velvety sunkissed look which I could do with at the moment. I also ran out of my face shop tinted moisturizer and am tired of my foundation! So perfect opportunity to try out right 😛

    anyway keep up the great work huda

  79. hey Huda!
    I would love to try their lipsticks *Lipstick-addict over here* , since “unfortunately” I’ve never tried out any of Giorgio Armani’s products..

  80. I’m not entering the competition, but I just had to say how amazing the lipstick and lipgloss looks on you! Luscious! LOVE IT!

    xo, E.

  81. Hi Huda,
    I’ve never try Armani’s products but i would love to try Eyes to Kill .
    Kisses from France

  82. 82 L7en

    Hey Huda!

    I’ve never tried anything from GA but I’d love to try Eyes to Kill mascara based on ur recommendations!

    Thx for the contest Huda 🙂

  83. 83 typefashion

    I love the Armani Eyes to kill Mascara, it makes my lashes look real long and well defined ! if eyes are the window to a soul, then this mascara really makes my eyes POP ! totally love it because on a busy day when there is just me and my powder as second skin, I know my eyes look ready for a kill 🙂 lol !

    I have always been using Este Lauder gloss as it is so luminous but the Armani lip gloss in Beige looks like something I must try !!


    PS: I am so happppy that you did an international competition !!

  84. two things i cant live without is Eyes to Kill Excess mascara and Concealer from GA !! 🙂

  85. 85 selma

    hi huda
    1/ the one product i love to try is lip stick , i have tried every drug store brand you can think of and i have never found my perfect shade ,
    since my skin tone is dark and varies according to the sun very fast i hope Giorgio Armani will have the shade that will suite me at all times

  86. Hey Huda!

    Omg.. this is such a hard question. If I had to choose 3 I’d choose the “Eyes to Kill Intense shadows”, “Fluid Master Primer” (I got it after you recommended it!), and the “Master Corrector w/ the High Precision retouch (concealers)”.

    *The shadows from the Eyes to Kill line are more than to die for. They are highly pigmented and the color combinations Armani arranged go so well together. It’s the perfect shadow for when you’re in a hurry, you can use just one of the shadows and it’ll look like you have at least 3! They are perfect for any occasion actually!!
    *You blogged about the primer and I immediately got it right after (the power of Huda! lol). I too have a somewhat oily complexion and this kept my make-up in place and MATTE but gave me JUST the right amount of hydration! Thank you for recommending, it will now be forever in my beauty must-haves!!!
    *I am OBSESSED with concealer! I seriously need concealer rehab! I don’t suffer from dark circles yet I am obsessed with KK’s under-eye concealer “look”. I think I tried (almost) every concealer ever made out there and this has GOT TO BE my favorite! The corrector goes so well before the high precision retouch, and together they are a magical combination. The color combinations they have can conceal just about any skin problem!!

    I can honestly go on forever because I adore Giorgio Armani beauty! Thanks for recommending the primer Huda 🙂 xxxx

  87. 87 Joanna D.

    Hi Huda, I’ve been a big fan of your blog since about a year ago or so 🙂 I love Giorgio Armani make up! I have the foundation and since I have difficult skin to work with, it suits me the best. I am too scared to try different colors on lipsticks, but you make the colors look fab! I love how they make your lips look fuller, I would love for mine to look like that. It would also be great if I could try out #401 Rouge or Pink 512. It would help a lot and mean a lot because I’m trying to progress make-up skills. I will someday be like you and make history like you have in the cosmetology world. Love you and I hope you and your baby are doing well :*

  88. Kill Excess mascara

  89. sorry i forgot the why, Kill Excess mascara because im always looking for the next best mascara

  90. 90 Mais B.

    My favorite Giorgio Armani product would definitely have to be the “luminous silk foundation”! I love the weightless feel I get everytime I put it on and best of all I don’t feel like I have put a paper bag over my face which is what I feel like with the other types of foundation I used to use!

  91. I L♥ve their Eyes to Kill Mascara, rich black color and amazing lengthening effect on the lashes!! I get to know about their mascara through your blog and ever since I started applying mascara everyday. I didn’t do that before I found this mascara!!!! Love Love Love it!

  92. 92 sana757

    i wud luv try on Giorgio Armani fluid master primer..after readdin ur blog..
    i luv d giveaway tooo 😉

  93. 93 Zahra

    Hi Huda 🙂

    I love their foundation and highlighters, the’re AMAZING! i was actually introduced to them through a friend and i have been hooked ever since ❤

  94. 94 Sandra rocha

    I haven’t tried any of the products yet. But your pictures make me want to. Those colors look amazing and it make your lips look so smooth and perfect.

  95. 95 Nawal

    I haven’t tried any of their products! But love trying out new products and would love to check this out 🙂

    Definitely love the shade of the bold red lip you’ve got on! It’s killer ❤ I adore red lips so would love to try that out xo

  96. 96 mimi

    i love their Luminous Silk foundation in shade no. 7 cuz its so silky n runs on my skin so smoothly n doesn’t look cakey makeup blends on it sooo beautifully plus it feels so glamorous because its GA.
    i also love the Face Fabric Radiance i use it when i want a lighter coverage and to get darker warmer skin :D:D

  97. Hey I LOVE the GA Primer-it is amazing for giving a flawless matt finish under your foundation!! And I really want to try the Designer foundation next, want to see the difference the pearl pigment that they have put in it to give a radiant finish makes, even though you still get good coverage with it.. Beautiful products though! ❤

  98. 98 abby

    my favourite Armani product is their luminous silk foundation! absolutely love that stuff!!! It seriously makes my face light up and gives full coverage without being cakey! xx

  99. 99 ArKi

    Oh yes!!! I would love to try their eye shadows “Eyes to Kill” line. I’ve been eyeballing them for a while now. Eventually, I will have to do it!

  100. 100 Nadya

    I have the Girogio Armani’s Eyes to Kill mascara, which i bought after reading your post on it. OMG it is frigging fantastic…i was never into mascaras before as i felt they all gave me the same effect…nothing wow..but after trying Eyes to Kill, I must say it literally transformed my lashes…makes them look so thick, and long and full of volume….

  101. 101 Ouafae


    I’d like to win the Armani lipstick 512 so I can try an Armani product, because they don’t sell Armani products in the Netherlands unfortunately 😦
    Since a week i’m looking for a pink lipstick which will match my skin in the winter.

    I just found out about your blog and looooove it!!! You’re a beauty and keep up the good work!

    xx Ouafae

  102. 102 Faiza

    The Giorgio Armani product I love is the luminous silk foundation. I love the finish and feel of this makeup, it feels super light while on, and it makes me look flawless under camera eye. Not only does it help my face glow, it has tremendously helped my skin improve.
    Best of luck ladies. =)

  103. Hey Huda!!!
    I’ve been dying to try the Eyes To Kill mascara!! Mainly because you swear by it, and also because after one of my fave mascaras got discontinued and I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to find the perfect one! Eyes To Kill is on my to-buy list after my current (and sucky) mascara bottle finishes!
    I hope I win this, as I am a lover of lip products! And I’m ready to be converted 100% to Giorgio Armani’s products :))

  104. 104 Ranya

    I am a great Fan of Giorgio Armani Lipsticks, I Still Didn’t get the Opportunity to buy it yet. I Always Check out their shades and plan to buy but Cant Afford the High Price 😦 This is a Wonderful Opportunity For me, Thanks to *^*HB*^*!! My Favorite is Rouge d’armani lipstick in Nude Shades. What I Love about their Lipsticks is their Quality and how its so Soft and Conditioned. Also they are Long Wearing. The Best thing about Nude Shades is that it looks Good on most skin tones. Its Simply Awesome! I Wish to apply it some day and look Beautiful and Chic Just Like “Huda”! 🙂

  105. 105 hadeel

    Congrats all 🙂

  106. 106 Attia

    congrats to girls nd im sad 😦 never get anything from Huda :((( (lolzzz)

  107. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely enjoy reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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