Let’s Get Glowing!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I love pigments! I have pot after pot of different little colors that I use to enhance lip colors, eyes, and even highlight the face. This pigment, however, is just on a new level! Makeup Forever’s new Black Light Pigment has tiny little particles of black light reflectors that glow like crazy under black light! I love the fact that you can put this pigment anywhere and it won’t show until you flip the switch!! How cool is this? Are you guys loving this or leaving it?

image credit aol


7 Responses to “Let’s Get Glowing!”

  1. 1 fadwa

    Wow! This is so Ke$ha-esque! But doesn’t it say pro only? Either way, if its available to everyone I’m def. Buying it, since its so cool ! Xo

  2. I’m sooo buying this !!! I love Make Up Forever !

  3. 3 Tala

    LOVE! It would look rad for halloween too 😀

  4. 4 Typefashion

    Perfect Halloween glow !



  5. 5 Rinu

    Leaving it! Looks too freaky for my liking!

  6. 6 JJ

    Wouldn’t know what to use it for.

  7. 7 Thajba

    LOVE!!!!!!! I’d use it on my eyes or lips since it only shows under blue light! *Glowing lips in between a crowd* … Oh, hey, there’s Thajba! Hahahahah saves me from being kidnapped!

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