Hottie of the Hour | Zoya Sakr


By Hud Heidi Kattan

From afar, it’s hard not to notice her. Incredibly tall, Amazonian-like and extremely striking, Zoya Sakr is without doubt a super hottie. With her gorgeous blond locks and stunning eyes, it’s no surprise this former Miss Beauty International winner has landed some awesome roles! And she’s not all beauty, she’s also incredibly smart! Being the genius behind sooo many development projects for websites like, Al Aan TV and now as the Editor-in-Chief of, Zoya knows how to make any brand successful.

As much as her career and passion for everything she does is incredibly inspiring as a woman, I can’t help but want to spend hours talking beauty with her! This woman knows what she’s talking about, on a level that is unsurpassed! From her mother’s natural tips to her own beauty experiences around the world (sitting with makeup artists like Bobbi Brown and Mickey Contractor), this is woman makes my Hottie List for a million and one reasons!

The other day, I was sitting with Zoya while we were participating in an expert panel for Olay Skincare. At the meeting I was blown away with how much she knew about beauty, I had to share her tips with you guys! Did I mention, she’s a mom?! She blew me away! Here’s what she had to say!

HB: MashaAllah, your figure is amazing! How do you stay in such amazing shape while working?
Zoya: I try to keep it up by exercising 5 days a week, I love outdoor sports, like cycling and jogging, I also try to do at least once a week  Pilates or Yoga, it just makes me feel good.

HB: I know you said your mom is a beauty genius, what are her top three rules to beauty?
Zoya: My mom believes that beauty care should start at a very early stage, not when you already have wrinkles, she believes a lot in natural cream and masks recipes and healthy lifestyle. In fact my beauty icon is my grand mother (my mom’s mom), she used to take care of her skin and beauty till her last day, I was named after her.

HB: Wow, that’s sooo inspiring and really cute! Being beauty obsessed, what is your favorite product of all times?
Zoya: I am not loyal to one product, I am more obsessed in vitamins and I make sure I get what my body needs, like Omega 3 is very essential for me having a dry skin. I also always look for Vitamin E in my products, but I do like trying new products from brands I trust.

HB: What are you lushing on at the moment?
Zoya: The new female portal that was launched by 2PURE 2 months ago, I am so dedicated now to its success, we are reaching 30,ooo unique users per day, which is a great success for such a short period.

HB: Wow! That’s an amazing acheivement! What’s your beauty must?!
Zoya: Is to have once a month a Moroccan Hamam/Bath, I love the Talis Spa at Zaabel Jumeirah. For makeup, my signature makeup is a typical JLO inspired, with highlighted shiny cheek bones. 

HB: How has your beauty regimen changed since you became a mommy?
Zoya: Well I just got less time for myself, but still I try to keep this within my priorities, now that my son is 2 years old, I am getting back to my previous track.

HB: It definitely shows, you look amazing! It seems you have had some really exciting experiences with beauty, what has been one of the most memorable for you?
Zoya: My exciting experiences were while participating in different international beauty competitions, through getting different tips from famous stars and experts, and now I am experimenting the same through my current work, where last year I met the Bollywood number one makeup artist Mickey Contractor and Bobbi Brown, both are very inspiring and I learned a lot from them.

HB: If you could give your best beauty tips to every woman, what would they be?
Zoya: A quick body and facial peel will make you feel fresh, and always use the right foundation for your skin tone. Also, love yourself, give time to your beauty care, wear what fits you!

I love them all, but especially the last one! And I love this pic of her with the umbrella!


7 Responses to “Hottie of the Hour | Zoya Sakr”

  1. 1 Jenny Merhej

    No doubt Zoya made the Beautiful Women Issue!

  2. 2 Lina

    Soooooooo proud she’s Lebanese and if I’m not wrong she also has Venezuelan roots (same as myself) she’s the best combination of beauty and brains… Love ur blog Huda…

  3. she is just too beautiful – her beauty and grace are a treasure for humankind

  4. 4 typefashion

    Smart and beautiful is so ah-amazing ! the spirit of a women !


  5. 5 Rinu

    Wow she looks so American , are most Lebanese blonde?

    • Lebanese people can look so incredibly different! I have some friends who are super dark with curly hair and some that are really fair with light eyes and hair! It’s pretty cool! 🙂

  6. 7 claire

    She is really beautiful!

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