Celebs Dress Up For Halloween!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s that time of year right now!! Halloween is without doubt one of the best times to get your makeup out and dress up as your favorite character! I always wanted to be Princess Jasmine, I know so cliche, but I loved her as a child! I love seeing what celebs dress up as! I have to say, Lea Michele (as Swan Princess from Black Swan), Sofia Vergara (as Angry Bird) and Kim Kardashian (as Poison Ivy) had some really interesting looks, but I looove Sofia’s the most! Check out the rest of these celebs in their Halloween costumes!

How much does Nicole Richie look like JLo?


13 Responses to “Celebs Dress Up For Halloween!”

  1. 1 faf

    LOL i so had the idea of drawing all the muscles on my face last week when i was studying for an anatomy exam, i guess hiedi was one step ahead already hahaha awsome stuff

  2. 2 zuhra

    Kim is the best!!!

    • Kim looks gorgeous, but I think there is a little too much boobage

  3. 4 Rinu

    Loved lea Michele and Heidi Kllum! She always has the best n unique costumes! Nicole richie’s was cute, the angry bird one , eh! It’s the popular choice..Kim’s is always a bit slutty every year so not much originality there but the red hair is cool.

    • haha

  4. 6 claire

    Kim looks more like Tits McGee than Poison Ivy

  5. 7 hessa

    no, kimmy looks gr8!!

  6. 8 bonkasaurus

    I love celebrities that don’t take life seriously. recently i have become bored with Kim’s obsession with being perfect all the time, and this sexy costume is boring, I would have much rather seen her in the angry bird costume haha

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

  7. 9 nilebabe

    how do you feel about kims divorce and publicity marriage

    • I personally am for a bit of privacy. I know I’m a blogger, and I do try to share as much with you guys about my personal life so you guys can relate, but in my opinion, I can’t divulge the details of my marriage and family issues. We all have them, but I want to keep mine where they belong, just for me! I feel bad for her for doing this to herself. It’s really sad to see anyone get a divorce, this situation is no different, even if it isn’t that surprising! I think I always hope everyone will actually make it!

  8. 11 typefashion

    Heidi has awesome Halloween sense ! always loved her costumes !



  9. 12 Mary Monroe

    I loveddd Kim K’s costume i was actually thinking of being poison ivy this year also weird… So sad to hear about her divorce it was pathetic and ridiculous breaking news to hear this morning, but i respect your opinion also thanks for sharing.

    • I know!! I was sad for her:(

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