Weekend Fragrance | Super Hot and In Color, Narciso Rodriguez


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I was sooooo excited to meet Danny Ventura at Gallaries Lafayette this week! He is the genius behind the fragrance collection for Narciso Rodriguez! Honestly he was such a sweetheart and I was blown away with his knowledge and love of what he does! He will be at Gallaries Lafayette this whole weekend in the Dubai Mall, so make sure you guys check him out!

Nooow for the fragrance! As you may know already, I love their Hair Perfume (which has Keratin and makes your hair super shiny), but I am totally crushing on their Limited Edition lines (which by the way, is almost completely sold out!). The bottles are so unbelievably gorgeous, painted in pink and purple and they are spin offs of the classic fragrance, called For Her In Color (pink, not pictured) and the Essence, called Essence in Color (purple, pictured). The bottles are soo gorgeous, painted in beautiful colors and chrome in the inside, but the fragrances themselves are seriously to die for! I love how they are super scented and extremely sexy!

They also have a little fragrance to-go kit, where you can get miniature fragrances for both, plus a solid perfume, which I am heading back for this weekend (before they sell out!)!


3 Responses to “Weekend Fragrance | Super Hot and In Color, Narciso Rodriguez”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    It’s awesome you were able to meet him, Love his perfumes! by the way you look so pretty!

  2. Yes you are rights the perfumes is super scented and extremely sexy. I love it

  3. 3 Mariam

    Your look lovely dearie! Your skin is absolutely GLOWING and I love your makeup here =)

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