Your Skins Favorite New Drink!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems that when it comes to moisturizer, most companies think the thicker you make your cream, the better! By now, from experience, we know that is soooooo NOT true! I can’t think of anything worse than getting a super thick moisturizer that just sits on top of my skin and lingers there until it’s met with some form of water (at which point it becomes annoyingly slimy). I’ve pretty much given up on that philosophy and now I look for moisturizers that offer so much more than a film of moisture!

A moisturizer I got recently was the Lancome Aroma Blue Moisturizing Body Emulsion! After completely falling in love with the Rose Body Lotion, Genifique and now using the Vissionaire, I thought I should try it! This moisturizer rocks for the following reasons:

  1. I love the fact that it is VEEERY light! It one of those that is perfect for using immediately after you get out of the shower (after you apply oil). Your skin will literally soak it up!
  2. It actually makes your skin look really beautiful and radiant. My legs and arms have this beautiful natural glow after I apply it, which I love!
  3. It’s super light and has no parabens, coloring, or silicon!
  4. It’s packed full of minerals that actually help tone and even your skin, I’ve only been using it for a week, but I have noticed a difference!
  5. It’s perfect for every skin type, but because it’s so light, your skin won’t feel greasy at all!

4 Responses to “Your Skins Favorite New Drink!”

  1. 1 Sweet November

    Dearest Huda, I am so totally envy you for having all these wonderful experiences with such luxuries products, I can never keep up with you. Sometimes I feel like you get most of these items for free for being a beautician I wish I were one, I will hope and wait.

  2. 2 S ♡

    Wooooow that’s awesome !!!!! I should try it ASAP !! I LOVE that ♡!!

  3. 3 Samira

    I shall try it 


    I’m in LOVE with Lancome products Huda… even their Teint Idole Ultra foundation I swear my face did not break out MASHALLAAH since I started using it, it’s PERFECT!!! Thanks for the post my dear :* :*

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