Baby Love | The World’s BEST Sensitive Skin Body Lotion!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I feel terrible about this, but my daughter has inherited my unbelievably dry skin! As much as it sucks having skin that just soaks up moisturizer like there is no tomorrow, I have finally found a lotion that has cured her super dry skin! And just to clarify when I say dry, I mean DRRRRY!!

When I was recommended this cream, I was shocked because it’s actually an adult product that can be used on babies and children of all ages. I bought a small bottle, but I will def be back for the bulky size next time!

Soooo what is this magical product that has cured both mine and my babies dry skin? The Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Cream. It actually comes in a pump, so it’s super convenient to use, but this lotion is AhhhMAZING for softening skin! I also love the fact that is has completely NO perfume, like you won’t smell a thing after applying it (I always feel that when most brands say no perfume, they think they’re being cute, because I always smell an extra something)! And since it’s safe for you and your mini you (if you have one!), then you know this cream is super safe! It actually says on the bottle for “Very Dry Sensitive Skin”. This stuff really works!


8 Responses to “Baby Love | The World’s BEST Sensitive Skin Body Lotion!”

  1. 1 bonkasaurus

    My brother and I both have eczema and we use cetaphil, but I was recommended to use this by my dermatologist as well.

    -Bianca at

  2. 2 farah

    I think vasline cream without perfume for extra dry skin is the best. My son had such bad eczema that it was embarassing to take him out and about I used this and fresh aloe vera plant the sticky stuff inside rub it over his body before and afta bath and use dove soap on him. Nt doctors proudcts with steroids init makes it worser!

  3. 3 Elena

    Hi Huda! which do u think is the blackest black eyeshadow?? and PLEASE! dont tell me carbon from mac 😀 anyone else who can help??

    • 4 Rachael Alvarado

      I like black tied from
      Mac it’s black with lil silver glitter that u can barely see. Or too faced has a loose black eye shadow In a pot I don’t remember the name

      • 5 Elena

        thank u xx

  4. 6 emy

    is it available everywhere? drug stores?

    thx Hudaa

  5. 7 Maca

    Oh my daughter has same problem + horrible eczema. Doctor said to use Triderm bath oil. It is soooooo good!

  6. 8 steven

    i n ever try this for y baby but i was little bit wary about this.and one product i am already using that is not well my baby start crying when it fall in to eyes ,is it like this or some thing different

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