VIDEO | Snooki’s New Perfume, “It’s a Real Thing”


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems like every celebrity, from A-list to Z-list has launched a perfume of some kind, but Snooki’s video is pretty hilarious. Ok, I had heard about this before, but I honestly didn’t think it was real. After seeing the video, I’m still not sure. Of course I can’t help but wonder if the perfume will smell like pickles, but then again, you never know. Would you guys try this? I’m going to pass!


6 Responses to “VIDEO | Snooki’s New Perfume, “It’s a Real Thing””

  1. 1 Hafsa

    No way on earth would I buy a perfume by Snooki! I’ve really had enough of every single celebrity and their dog launching their own perfume. I’d be embarrassed to say I’m wearing Britney Spears’ perfume, it’s so much more classy saying you’re wearing White Diamonds or something!

  2. 2 munira

    this is hilarious and at the end “by nicole…its a real product” im def going to pass

  3. 3 Ana

    Lol this is a video by funny or die, it’s not real.

  4. 4 nicolemarie

    wow im so confused.. i cant believe that video is legit???

  5. 5 Lenaro

    This is a video by “funny or die”. A website that does amazing funny videos. So not a pickle scented perfume 🙂

  6. hilarious!

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